The Best Places to Get a Facial at the Airport

It seems like our time spent at the airport is getting more and more stressful. And you know what that equals: worry wrinkles! First and foremost, we’re all about making your layovers suck less and that includes a little pampering here and there. Especially when it comes to the best airport facials.

We’ve heard your skin crying out for help and have just the cure. Check out our list of the best airport facials that your skin will thank you for all flight long.

The Best Airport Facials You Won’t Want to Miss

The Best Airport Facials | Vane Airport Magazine
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1. Seaweed & Gold Facials at XpresSpa, JFK Airport

The luxurious facials at XpresSpa‘s airport locations are so good that you’ll forget you’re about to board a plane. First, the Enrich Seaweed Facial nourishes and exfoliates your skin at the same time. It’s rich with vitamins, amino acids and minerals that leave your skin silky smooth right away. Second is the Golden Glow Gel Face Mask which uses genuine gold and botanical extracts to help bring out your inner 24-carat magic glow.

Location:  Terminal 1 across from Gate 5, Terminal 4 at Concourse A, Terminal 4 at Concourse B and Terminal 4 across from Gate 39

The best airport facials | Be Relax Spa, Toronto Pearson | Vane Airport Magazine
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2. Anti Jet Lag Facial at Be Relax Spa, Toronto Pearson Airport

This is one of the best airport facials to ward off the cruel effects of jet lag. As a result, you’ll end up leaving the airport looking better than when you arrived. The anti jet lag facial involves using massage techniques that stimulate your facial muscles, improves skin tone and encourages stress relief. Furthermore, it will help relax your nervous system and recover your body’s internal balance.

Location: Terminal 3, Pier A, Gate 5

The Best Airport Facials | Vane Airport Magazine
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3. Facial Esenza at Esenza by Sha, Madrid Airport

Did you know that when you travel your skin can lose up to 70% water? In addition to making sure you’re drinking enough water at the airport, there are other ways to keep your hydration levels up. The facials at Esenza by Sha have been designed to ensure maximum skin hydration and counteract the effects of aging. Our favourite is the 45-minute Facial Esenza, which is the most complete facial that Esenza by Sha offers.

Location: Terminal 4 T4 NET, Floor +1 (middle-north area) near gates T4: J55 and J54 and Terminal 4 SAT, Floor + 1 (middle area) near gates T4S: S24 and S26

The Best Airport Facials | Vane Airport Magazine
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4. Kerstin Florian Hydrating Facial at Absolute Spa, Vancouver International Airport

We all know how stressful a flight can be for our skin – all that recycled air? Yuck. The Kerstin Florian Facial is extremely hydrating and perfect for getting your skin back to normal for your stay! We tried it last time we were at Vancouver Airport and left feeling Absolutely refreshed and rejuvenated. After all, there’s nothing like a pampering session to take your mind off a long flight.

Location: Domestic Departures, Gates 44 & 47. US Departures, Gate 85. Domestic Arrivals (next to 7 Eleven)

The Best Airport Facials | Six Senses Spa at Abu Dhabi Airport | Vane Airport Magazine
PHOTO: Six Senses Spa

5. Face Radiance Facial at Six Senses Spa, Abu Dhabi Airport

Treating yourself to a facial at Six Senses Spa is a must if you’re passing through Abu Dhabi Airport. We love the Face Radiance Facial which  is a skin balancing treatment that combines a “gentle cleanse and toning with a smooth exfoliation to bring the glow back to your skin”. Ultimately, glowing skin is a reflection of our inner health. For this reason, the facials at Six Senses Spa aim to treat more than just the surface.

Please note: Treatment reservations can only be made and paid for on the day of travel at the spa reception.

Location: First and Business Class Lounges, Terminals 1 and 3

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