Where to Find the Best (and Most Delicious) Avocado Toast at the Airport (UPDATED 2019)

Avocado toast at airports has finally landed. After all, it’s one of the hottest millennial food trends right now! However, we want to know if it’s as good as it is at its non-airport competitors. We know airports have started to have better healthy eating options like freshly made salads, smoothies, and juice bars. But how does their avocado toast compare?

As a result, avocado toast at airports has become our latest obsession. We think it’s one of the best healthy airport snacks. Of course, it’s merely just a piece of toast covered in yummy avocado. Furthermore, it can also be embellished with toppings like roasted tomatoes, cheese, greens—or served just by itself. What’s not to love about it?

You may have thought the world has already reached its avocado toast peak. However, that’s not the case at airports. Avocado toast at airports is just taking off—and we love it. We realize that avocado toast at airports will likely have a high price attached. We’d rather spend a little more and get something healthy! Trust us; your body will thank you.

Where to find the best avocado toast at airports around the world:

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1. Stansted Airport, Coast to Coast

We love all the green toppings on this avocado toast. Of course, green is always better! Also, you can get avocado toast at Halo at Stansted Airport from 5 am onwards. Yum!

Location: Post-security

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2. Aéroport Montréal-Trudeau Airport, Ryù

Even the plate this avocado toast is served on is gorgeous! Unfortunately, you can’t bring that on the plane… but you can enjoy it during your layover.

Location: Restricted area, International, Gate 50

3. Brisbane Domestic Airport, Glasshouse Cafe & Bar

Besides avocado toast, they serve locally sourced beverages and other healthy offerings! Their menu is created by some of Queensland’s best local produce.

Location: Virgin Domestic Terminal, Level 2, near Gate 40

4. Gatwick Airport, Giraffe

You can also grab a freshly made smoothie at Giraffe to enjoy with your avocado toast. If you’d instead something with more of a kick, they also have ‘handcrafted’ Arabica coffee, sourced from two family-owned farms in Brazil and Guatemala.

Location: Pre-security

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5. Philadelphia International Airport, La Colombe

New to Philadelphia International Airport this year, La Colombe also features an elevated coffee experience. After all, if you’re getting avocado toast for breakfast, then coffee is the perfect pairing!

Location: Terminal A, East

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6. Gatwick Airport, Jamie Oliver’s Diner

This avocado toast boasts a little something extra: a poached egg! In our opinion, this makes it an utterly healthy breakfast choice.

Location: South Terminal, through departures and up the escalator

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7. Chicago O’hare Airport, Summer House

They also have grab-and-go, counter service and a dining room at this location. Furthermore, there’s an intimate bar serving signature cocktails, beer, and a California-inspired wine list. Delicious!

Location: Terminal 2

8. Sydney Airport, Kitchen By Mike

Australia is the land of avocado toast. So, it’s no wonder that Kitchen By Mike serves such a delicious one!

Location: T1 International, Airside, Pier B between Gates 10-24

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9. Heathrow Airport, Gordon Ramsay Plane Food

This one from Gordon Ramsay is also served with egg—which makes it more of a meal than a snack. We especially love this one because of the avocado chunks!

Location: Terminal 5, Departure side

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10. Heathrow Airport, Gordon Ramsay Plane Food

We had to mention this one twice because it is just that good. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself and let us know what you think.

Location: Terminal 5, Departure side

Ultimately, avocado toast at airports is not to be missed. Whether you’re hopping on the millennial eating trend or not—avocado toast is for everyone! In conclusion, we believe that eating a lot of avocado toast at airports can only be a good thing.

If you happen to spot avocado toast at airports, please share it with our wellness travel community. Tag us @vaneairportmag and use the hashtag #itravelwell on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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