Light Hydration Studio Endota Arrives At Australia’s Sydney Airport

A light hydration studio has arrived at Sydney International Airport, in answer to the stress of travelers in Australia.

Busy travelers are increasingly turning to time-sensitive wellness solutions to maintain a healthy, happy life at the airport. Airports are recognizing this need, introducing new ways for travelers to relax and unwind, even when they’re tight on time.

The endota website describes the company as the “largest day spa network in Australia with over 100 spas across the country.” They are also “100% founded by women and have an over 95% female team, with many of those working flexible hours.”

The concept is set to make wellness and self-care more accessible to travelers. We all know how dry and damaging airport and cabin air can be. Endota offers a place to seriously boost skin hydration levels and help skin cells regenerate before flying.

They’ve got an ethos we love: “We aim to live consciously and give back wherever possible. We are currently collaborating with an inspiring group of Indigenous women located in Fitzroy Crossing, NT, whose artwork appears on our Colour packaging and who receive a percentage of our sales in return.”

I haven’t been to Australia, yet. But I’ll be sure to stop by endota at Sydney Airport when I do.

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PHOTO: Sydney Airport

What does endota offer travelers at Sydney International Airport?

Helen Robb Lacey, the endota Senior Training Consultant, told us:

“A light therapy facial promotes healthy cell production beneath the surface of the skin and all skin conditions would benefit from this treatment’s stimulating effects in the lower dermal levels. Although this facial is most effective at plumping and rejuvenating aging skin by supporting elasticity and resilience it is also great if you need a boost to your skin hydration levels. Even better if you’re short of time, our 30-minute power treatment will have your skin at its optimum hydration level prior to taking off!”

What is light therapy and how does it work?

LED light therapy is a non-invasive skin renewal treatment clinically proven to boost collagen, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and defend against the aging process.

The Benefits

The benefits of light therapy on a travel day are manifold. It can help your skin to feel instantly rejuvenated, smooth and more youthful. It can help prevent some of the damaging effects of the kind of dry, stale air we often experience in airports and air cabins.

The treatment costs $50 which is fully redeemable via purchasing products. Treatments can be pre-booked before travel or booked on the day at the airport. Facial treatments are performed in an open setting and allows for a quick pick-me-up even when you’re short on time.

Endota’s extensive product range is available on site, including gifting options and travel packs designed to provide travelers with in-flight hydration and take-home skincare solutions.


The endota light and hydration studio is located in Sydney Airport’s International Terminal 1. You’ll find it after security in the duty-free shopping area on level 2.

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