EXKI Barcelona Airport Food Review: Healthy, low waste food on the go

EXKI Barcelona airport food is healthy and delicious, and we had a chance to try it during our recent trip to Barcelona.

It’s hard to get food that is a pre-prepared, healthy, delicious, and low waste at the airport. Usually, you need to sacrifice one or two of these.

One, if you want healthy, you’re often stuck with a banana or side salad. Two, if you want low waste, you usually need to spend an hour at a sit-down airport restaurant. If you want fast pre-prepared food because you’re late for your flight – you often sacrifice health and the environment.

Belgian natural fast-food brand EXKi has helped to fill that gap. EXKi launched under the direction of Belgian chef Frank Fol, who specializes in vegetarian food.

They are located in Terminal 2 departures, just past the Duty-Free shop. EXKI caters to the fast-paced traveler who cares about their health and understands the environmental impacts of take-out.

On our flight home from Barcelona to Toronto, we had a long road ahead and knew we needed a hearty meal before take-off. Thankfully, EXKI was right in our terminal, close to our gate. The spacious and well-designed restaurant immediately drew us in, but it’s the healthy menu that made us want to stay.

PHOTO: Vane Airport Media

What we ate at EXKI at Barcelona Airport 

What stood out to us was the vegan quiche served in a non-plastic compostable bowl. It was delicious and nutritious. How did we know? EXKI puts their ingredients on labels for their guests to see. I was so happy to see my quiche contained organic and seasonal ingredients.

They also offered guests fresh fruit without any plastic wrapping, freshly squeezed juices, and paper straws instead of plastic (although we always recommend bringing a reusable straw when traveling).

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PHOTO: Vane Airport Media

We chose to eat the vegan quiche, fresh fruit (apple and orange), and a vegetarian salad. The quiche was delicious and served warm, and the salads were crisp and refreshing. We took the fruit to go, which came in handy for a snack on the plane.

We decided to eat at the restaurant and were very happy to see their food trays made of eco-friendly materials, and they didn’t put paper over the top of it to reduce their waste.

What our overall experience was like

The whole dining experience was very relaxed, and the staff was friendly and eager to help us learn about their eco-initiatives. That’s the kind of atmosphere you need to keep you calm before an international flight.

Besides, the entrance at EXKi restaurant features an interactive screen communicating the food and beverages offered in six languages.

EXKI still had products served in plastic, and it was great that they offered zero waste choices to their guests.

Overall, EXKI Barcelona airport food is like they’re off to a good start in offering travelers a way to feel better about their food choices and environmental impact before take-off.

Have you experienced healthy airport food? Please send us your find so we can share it with other travelers.

Christine & Sarah MacLean

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