10 Ways To Get Healthy At Dallas Fort-Worth Airport

Dallas Fort Worth Airport launched a campaign in 2014 to be the “World’s Healthiest Airport,” and so far, they’re still on the right track. They’ve got you covered in all health and wellness aspects, from walking to eating well to meditating away any stress. We had the chance to pass through and find out at least ten ways to get healthy at DFW Airport.

I traveled through DFW Airport this year to attend the FAB awards and explored the airport for my favorite wellness finds.

Besides being one of the healthier airports out there, DFW Airport has launched a brighter tech-friendly space in Terminal A as part of its $2.7 billion airport upgrade.

10 Ways To Get Healthy At DFW Airport

Get Healthy at DFW Airport - Vane Airport Magazine
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1. Take an in-terminal walk.

Get healthy at DFW Airport by taking a stroll on their LiveWell Walking Path. It measures seven-tenths of a mile and features two optional step courses. The in-terminal walk has also been endorsed by the American Heart Association.

Location: Between gates D6 and D40.

Get Healthy at DFW Airport
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2. Do some yoga.

The yoga studio is the perfect way to de-stress before your flight. DFW Airport yoga rooms have full-size practice mats, individual mats available for free use, and a beginner instructional video that loops on an overhead monitor.

Locations: Terminals D and B located beneath the Skylink escalators by Gate E31 and Gate D40.

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Get Healthy at DFW Airport - Vane Airport Magazine
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3. Pamper yourself at the spa.

DFW Airport has several XpresSpa locations throughout the terminals. They offer manicures, pedicures, and massages – the perfect way to relax before your flight. Is there anything like a massage to soothe any nerves away?

Location: Terminal A, B, D, and E.

Airport Therapy Dog at Dallas Fort-Worth Airport | Get Healthy at DFW Airport - Vane Airport Magazine
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4. Pet an airport therapy dog.

They also have an airport therapy dog program because, as we all know, less stress leads to happiness, and that makes for a better and more enjoyable flight.

Location: Keep an eye out for them around the airport.

Get Healthy at DFW Airport - Vane Airport Magazine
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5. Meditate in the interfaith chapels.

Get healthy at DFW Airport by letting it all out and finding some peace. DFW Airport has five different interfaith chapels, so whatever terminal you’re traveling through, you’ll be able to kick back in some peace & quiet and relax before the flight.

Locations: Terminal A, Gate 24; Terminal B, Gate 25; Terminal C, Gate 15; Terminal D, Gate 21 and Terminal E, Gate 4.

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6. Take a nap and shower at Minute Suites.

Sleeping at the airport is never ideal, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. I passed through Minute Suites this year to take a peek inside. You can rest up and shower at Minute Suites.

They offer private mini rooms of different sizes. However, the suites do not have private restrooms. The convenience of a private room and access to shower can be a positive thing during a hectic travel day.

Locations: Terminal A and D (A38, D23)

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Get Healthy at DFW Airport - Vane Airport Magazine
PHOTO: DFW Airport

7. Fill up at the hydration stations.

A critical part of getting (and staying) healthy is making sure that we get enough water during the day. It’s especially critical when traveling. You can get healthy at DFW Airport by filling up at their multiple hydration stations located throughout the airport.

Location: All around the airport.

Get Healthy at DFW Airport
PHOTO: Cereality

8. Fill up on nutritious cereal.

A little snack never hurt anybody. Right? Cereality is a great place to get healthy. They serve dozens of different cereals with your choice of milk (skim, 2%, or soy) and add ons like cranberries, walnuts, or other nuts that will provide you with some healthy nutrients.

Location: Terminal E, Gate 21.

Get Healthy at DFW Airport

9. Grab some food at UFood Grill.

Craving something nutritious and delicious at DFW Airport? Look no further than UFood Grill. They cater to most dietary needs and restrictions, ensuring that you’ll find a healthy meal pre-flight.

Location: Terminal B, Gate 40

Get Healthy at DFW Airport - Vane Airport Magazine
PHOTO: Artisan Market

10. Get your nutrients at Artisans Market.

This place is the best of grab-and-go food. Artisan’s Market serves farm-fresh foods that inspire wellness and health. They can create your made-to-order salad, breakfast-on-the-go, and everything else made with healthy nutritious ingredients.

Location: Terminal D, After Security, Gate D27

And if you just need a quiet place to relax, check out the Centurion Lounge.

This travel lounge is exclusively for American Express members – but don’t worry, non-members can get in for $50. They feature signature drinks, gourmet food, and a spa. Also, their spa may be mini, but it offers award-winning spa therapies. Hello, relaxation.

Location: Terminal D, Gate 12.

Finally, for those who need a hair blow out, you can at Xpress Spa located in Terminal A, Near Gate A25.

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Do you have any tips on how to get healthy at DFW airport? Tweet us and let us know!

We love Dallas Fort-Worth Airport for all their ways to get healthy on-the-fly!

UPDATED October 29, 2019

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