Finding an Airport Therapy Dog Just got Harder

Several airport therapy dog programs are going to be temporarily suspended due to Covid-19.  The novel coronavirus has infected more than 100,000 people around the globe, killing more than 4,000. But it’s not just humans impacted by the spread of the pandemic.

Many animals in Wuhan, the Chinese city that is the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, have died or are at risk of dying after residents evacuated their homes in the wake of the lockdown, animal advocates have said.

Airports are known to be a busy place of the hustle and bustle. Tight deadlines, enclosed spaces, and the crowds can cause travel anxiety. Therefore, airport therapy dogs are known to help travelers ease their nerves and stress.

As a result, flying becomes a little less ruff with the warm smiles and hugs they bring to nervous travelers. Due to COVID-19, we have to say goodbye to our furry friends temporarily.

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Airport therapy dogs at YYC
PHOTO: thebearbrothersmacandbodie

Here’s a list of some Airports that have currently suspended their Therapy Dog Program

Can dogs get COVID-19?

Currently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials see no evidence that companion animals such as dogs can transmit COVID-19. There is also no evidence that it can spread to dogs from people.

However, CDC is advising that people who become sick with Coronavirus should limit contact with their pets. Also, wash your hands before and after the interaction.

Prepared Pet Care with AVMA if you become ill

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA),  there are a few precautions you can take if you happen to catch the virus. Identify another person in your household who will be able to take care of your pet.

Furthermore, make sure you have an emergency kit prepared. Inside should contain at least two weeks’ worth of your pet’s food and any needed medications.

However, if you must care for your pet while you are sick, wash your hands before and after you interact with them and wear a face mask.

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