The Ultimate Airport Therapy Dog Guide In North America

Our Ultimate Airport Therapy Dog Guide In North America 2017 is out!

Feel-good therapy dogs are roaming and growing in popularity at airports across North America. Last year we launched a dedicated page called Airport Therapy Dogs to bring you all the latest and cutest

Many airport websites have dedicated pages to tell you about their programs. Check out the Denver International Airport Canine Airport Therapy Squad (CATS) and the Syracuse Hancock International Airport Pets Easing Travelers (PETS) Program.

It seems like friendships at airports are going to the dogs — literally. Who wouldn’t rather hang out with a furry friend than sit at a crowded gate or fight with outlet hoggers? This kind of feel-good escape is what we crave at stressful airports.

If you’re still on the fence about petting a four-legged friend during your next airport travel day, recent research has discovered that pets are good for your mental health.

The concept of using dogs for therapeutic purposes is not new. In 1982 the American Veterinary Medical Association officially recognized the human-animal bond. They conducted a study with hundreds of clinical trials that confirmed what people have known all along — petting an animal reduces stress and anxiety!

Why are feel-good therapy dogs so awesome?

Here are just a few reasons: Dogs will love you the way you are, they are the most fast-acting RX, and much less expensive than any airport purchase.

Airport therapy dogs have been surging in popularity over the past few years, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down! In fact, in 2017 we saw a significant increase in therapy dog programs in both US and Canadian airports.

Here are some new programs that launched in the US in 2017:

  • Arizona’s Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport now has Navigator Buddies
  • North Carolina’s Asheville Regional Airport launched Paws for Passengers
  • Florida’s Punta Gorda Airport will work with Therapy K9’s of Southwest Florida
  • California’s Hollywood Burbank Airport added a new program called Traveler’s Tails
  • Minnesota’s Rochester International Airport launched Caring Tails
  • Connecticut’s Bradley International Airport is partnering with Bright Spot Therapy Dogs
  • Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport has launched Runway Rovers

In Canada in 2017, two airports launched therapy dog programs. Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport is now working with St. John Ambulance therapy dogs and Vancouver International Airport now has YVR Ambassador Dogs as part of a larger Less Airport Stress Initiative (LASI) to make traveling easier.

Check out our US Airport Therapy Dogs Infographic that lists 48 airports with a program.

Also, if you’re flying to Canada, check out our post listing all the Canadian therapy dog programs across the country that made layovers less ruff!

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