5 Healthy US Airport Foods We Found This Week February 2019

Healthy US Airport Foods we found this week in February 2019 was made just for you. We know that looking for healthy at airports can be daunting. No need to feel worried we created a handy list.

Airport food selection has come a long way, making the process of finding healthy options easier than ever.  You may be surprised at the healthy options available, whether you have a layover long enough for a sit-down dinner or just 60 seconds to snatch something off the shelf at a kiosk.

There are also a variety of airport food apps that deliver food to you at your gate, details, and information here. 

5 Healthy US Airport Foods We Found This Week February 2019


PHOTO: amydgorin/Instagram

1.We are loving this healthy salad from Summer House Santa Monica at
Location: Terminal 2, Main Hall

healthy salad DFW airport
PHOTO: Dr. Richa Mittal/Instagram

2.Quinoa Mexican Salad with avocado and a lime cilantro vinaigrette at @mspairport from Barrio Café. Location: Post-security, Terminal 4, Gate D

airport healthy food charlotte airport
PHOTO: erinbusbee/Instagram

3.Raised hands for this salmon salad with quinoa, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and balsamic dressing.

Where? 1897 Market, a distinctive urban gourmet marketplace by celebrity chef and television personality Todd English.

Location: Main Concourse

healthy salad austin bergstrom airport
PHOTO: bottomlesschef/Instagram

4.Delicious chopped salad at Austin Airport, Second Bar + Kitchen.  Grapefruit slices and Chile vinaigrette = excellence.

Where? Second bar + kitchen

Location: Near gate 15

atlanta airport salad
PHOTO: Dr. Ann Kulze

5. Amazing kale salad at with lots of dark leafy greens!

Where? Atlanta airport, FLYBurger

Location: Concourse B

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