Frankfurt Airport Yoga Rooms Offer Serenity Before Take Off

Let’s face it, airports and yoga aren’t often very compatible. Unless you’re the kind of person who craves attention from strangers, it takes some guts to bust out your best yoga poses at the airport.

That’s to say nothing of the complete lack of serenity. How are you supposed to get into the right headspace in any of the public spaces at the airport?

Luckily, some airports are starting to respond to the need for quiet spaces to relax, stretch, exercise or just find a moment of peace before boarding. Frankfurt Airport yoga rooms are a great place to namaste while in transit.

They’re a far better option than trying to find a suitable public space for your downward dog.

What we love about Frankfurt Airport’s yoga rooms

These quiet, private yoga rooms feature floor to ceiling mirrors, subdued lighting, yoga mats, blocks, cushions and pads, and videos on monitors that demonstrate various poses.

There are two yoga rooms at Frankfurt Airport. The first can be found in Terminal 1, airside, near Gates C14 and C16. The second is in Terminal 2, airside, near Gates D1 and D4. Both rooms are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

That means no matter what crazy hour your flight is at, you can always escape to one of these rooms to get a moment of calm before you travel.

PHOTO: Yogi_Banker

They play calming music in the background to help transport you away from the noise and frenzy of the rest of the airport when you enter.

The Frankfurt Airport yoga rooms are communal private spaces. This means respecting others and keeping your practice quiet.

Check out this video for a fun glimpse into the private yoga spaces:

Some other wellness finds at the Frankfurt Airport include the numerous shower facilities for a fee at both terminals, which is the perfect way to conclude your practice. The airport also has different prayer rooms, specially designed silent chairs, and a spa.

If you want to read more about the airport yoga room in Terminal 2, check out the Yogi Banker’s review and images of the space here.

Looking for more places with airport yoga spaces?

We’ve put together some airport yoga guides, which will let you know where to find them, what each space provides, and the hours and locations of the spaces too.

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