Mana Lani Massage At Honolulu International Airport Extends Hawaii’s Relaxed Vibe to Busy Travelers

Hawaii is known for its laid-back vibe and wellness-focused attitude, and this even extends to the services available at the airport for busy travelers.

Honolulu International Airport is the largest airport in the state of Hawaii.  It’s a gateway to the rest of Hawaii. From Honolulu, you can fly to all of the Hawaiian islands.

Mana Lani Massage at Honolulu Airport is a little piece of heaven right in the central concourse. It’s the perfect place to help you reduce any stress and anxiety associated with traveling, relax tense muscles, and thereby make your onward journey a happier one.

All the massage therapists at Mana Lani are registered with the state of Hawaii and have a massage license, so you’re in good hands.

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Mana Lani’s full list of services at Honolulu International Airport

Whether it’s a back massage, foot or hand massage, head or face massage you’re looking for, Mana Lani has a full set of rejuvenating treatments.

10 minutes • 15 minutes • 30 minutes
Relax and unwind with their Signature Body Massage either in a chair or on the table, to help revive your mind from stress and worries. Their 10-minute massage is available in the chair only.

FOOT MASSAGE (“Lomi Lomi Wawae”)
15 minutes • 30 minutes
A cleansing of the feet with Green Tea Antioxidant Scrub, followed by a rejuvenating massage using our Haupia Butter.

HAND MASSAGE (“Lomi Lomi Lima”)
15 minutes

A stimulating massage that is done on the arms and hands that will rejuvenate your tired, sore muscles.

30 minutes
Ho’opio starts with a mini-facial using a natural aloe-based cleanser, followed by a soothing massage with Haupia Butter and ends with a stimulating scalp massage.

They have a special product line to moisturize and revitalize your skin as part of their massage treatments. These blends of natural tropical ingredients will refresh and soothe your entire body.

Ke Kai Products develops them locally in Hawaii exclusively for Mana Lani. There’s the Haupia Body Butter, Aloe Gel Toner, Green Tea Antioxidant Scrub, Aloe Sulfate-Free Wash, and Spirulina Clay Mask.

Get more wellness from Hawaiian Airlines

If you plan on flying Hawaiian Airlines, you can now have access to their health and wellness video content produced exclusively by the airline to help increase inflight wellness.

For more information about Hawaiian Airlines’ Ola Pono wellness series, as well as exclusive video clips and travel tips from expert Wainani Arnold, check out

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