Health Expert Dr. Elizabeth Trattner Shares Her Must-Do In-flight Skincare Routines

Dr. Elizabeth Trattner is a Florida licensed acupuncturist and a recognized health and beauty leader. She’s an advocate for integrative medicine that incorporates Eastern and Western approaches to health. She shares her advice when it comes to in-flight skincare.

We recently asked Dr. Elizabeth Trattner to share her must-do in-flight skincare routines with us. Her first answer was: “I take half my house with me.” I can totally relate to this, as I’m sure most of us can too.

“When I travel I make sure to bring super hydrating products with me so I don’t dry out,” she says.

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My must-do in-flight skincare routines

I leave the house with a very hydrating oil using either serenity shot by Ayuna or Lovacado which is pure avocado oil. (They include a travel size container with your order!)

I take a silicone facial cup with me along with a gua sha tool so I don’t end up looking like Hitch when I get off the plane. Cupping and gua sha help with facial circulation and pump up the skin, decrease puffiness especially under my eyes and creating lymphatic drainage which is so important after a long flight.

I also will bring crème 2 from Ayuna which is extra hydrating. It is perfect for both under the eyes and my entire face.

If I am on a longer flight, I will use their essence, a three-way peel that can be done in the bathroom or a sheet mask using the extra serum on my hands, neck, and chest.

Ayuna is one of the most luxurious and clean green beauty products I have found to date and it is perfect for all types of skin.

What I like about it is that it keeps the microbiome of the skin healthy which is very important while flying, along with hydration.

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Other essentials to bring

I bring my favorite matcha, Matcha Kari, which doesn’t dehydrate and helps with oxidative stress from the plane.

  • Portable toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Scarf

I use a scarf to cover her mouth and nose to keep respiratory passages warm and hydrated. Did you know you are 100 times more likely to get sick on an airplane?

What are your favorite skincare routines on board? Let us know in the comments below!

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