Airport Wellness: 12 Ways To Relax And Recharge At BWI Airport

No need to get bored before you board, wandering around looking for ways to renew and relax at BWI Airport. We have got you covered with our 12 Ways To Relax And Recharge At BWI Airport.

BWI Airport has everything you need to get a wellness infused layover. The airport has three spas, a full gym with showers, meditation room, rocking chairs, outdoor trails where you can rent a bike and explore — a variety of healthy food options and much more.

12 Ways To Relax And Recharge At BWI Airport


It’s a known fact that airport food is usually expensive and point of frustration for travelers! However, did you know that BWI Airport has street pricing in all of their restaurants? The airport does not add premium pricing to any of their restaurants, something not all airports in the US can provide.

There is also an airport food app Airport Sherpa you can browse different food offerings and place orders for pick up. The Airport Sherpa app makes it easy to grab some healthy food at the airport if you in a rush.

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PHOTO: myglutenfreefamily/Instagram

1. Avocado toast is available at the Silver Diner. The Silver Diner is an award-winning local (DC-area) restaurant that serves fresh, classic diner food, including many healthy options (including low-calorie, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and heart-healthy choices).

Their menu has a  variety of well-labeled vegan options, and they partner with over 15 local farms to use only the best ingredients.

Location: Concourse B

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2. You can grab fresh juice and smoothies either at Jamba Juice or Smoothie King.

Location: Jamba Juice, Concourse A/B Food Court and Smoothie King, Terminal D 14

PHOTO: Gachi House of Sushi

3. You can find this delicious healthy poke bowl at  Gachi House of Sushi.

Two Locations: Pier A and Pier B

Gf crust, topped with marinara, vegan cheese, spinach, pineapple, grilled chicken and oregano. PHOTO: asprinkleofsarah_ /Instagram

4. Make a good pie at Pie Five Pizza. They make their dough fresh every morning, chop garden-fresh veggies by hand, and make their marinara sauce with fresh packed tomatoes.

Locations: Pre-security, the main concourse, and post-security concourse A/B/C


PHOTO: face_fleekbz /Instagram

5. Work out at Roam Fitness.

You can get a full-body work out at ROAM. The gym offers a variety of modern equipment and weights to get your health on before or after your flight.

Roam Fitness has the only shower facilities at BWI Airport and can make shower reservations in 15-minute windows for convenience.  The gym also provides complementary towels and shower products. Also, they offer snacks and a selection of healthy takeaway foods, more information here.

Don’t have your workout gear? You can either rent or buy fitness attire by Lululemon athletic apparel and Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 running shoes at Roam.

You can also buy fitness attire at the new athleisure store Marika located next to the food court in A-B Terminal.

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Location: D/E Connector, behind security, next to gate D1


bwi airport cardio trail
PHOTO: BWI Airport

6. Take a walk on BWI Marshall Airport Cardio Trail. The trail consists of two different loops in the airport terminal. Both are designated American Heart Association Walking Paths. To walk each loop takes approximately 20 minutes.

The Terminal Loop is a 1K round-trip walk along the public side of the terminal’s upper level (the area with white tile floor before security checkpoints). Start anywhere along with the top level of the terminal and walk to the end of Concourse A, circle back to the end of Concourse E, and return to your starting point.

The Concourse A/B Loop is a 1K round-trip walk inside the secured area of Concourse A and B.

Start anywhere along either A or B Concourse. Walk to the end of Concourse A, circle back to the end of Concourse B, and return to your starting point.

PHOTO: fashioniztaruns/Instagram

7. Get some fresh air and head outside to The BWI Hiker-Biker Trail

The BWI Marshall Airport’s Hiker-Biker is a 12.5-mile trail that goes around the entire airport. The trail passes through  Dixon Park, where you either go for a run, walk or bike ride.

You can rent a bike from Zagster right at the airport. Zagster provides bicycles to travelers, employees, and members of the public. A total of ten self-serve, reservable bikes are available outside the airport’s international terminal, near the BWI Marshall Airport Light Rail stop.

You can rent a Zagster bike for $2 per hour or opt to purchase an annual membership for $20. Riders can use the bicycles by downloading the Zagster Mobile App, available for iPhone and Android, or online at


PHOTO: roma.gobess/Instagram

8. The airport has rocking chairs so you can comfortably hang out and watch planes take off while you wait for your flight.

Jonathan O. Dean, C.M., Communications Manager, of BWI Marshall Airport told Vane, “We first introduced rocking chairs in 2007.”

Locations: Several places throughout the terminal.

Pre-security, Observation Gallery. The ample, open, public lounge space that overlooks the airfield.

Post-security, In Concourse B, near several gates for Southwest Airlines. And just beyond the D/E security checkpoint, along with a large glass window wall, looking out on to the airfield.

bwi airport meditation room
PHOTO: BWI Airport

9.Meditation room for prayer, yoga or quiet reflection. It is located in a very public area but remains a relatively little-known quiet corner of the airport.

Location: Main Terminal Hallway behind the Delta ticket counter on the side closest to the D/E Security Checkpoint.  You can access the room by calling BWI Landside Operations at 410-859-7736.

10. Refill your water bottle. There are over 15 water bottle refilling stations located post-security and at least one in each concourse.


11. Get pretty fast and feel fabulous. Explore the Benefit vending machine.

Location: Post security, Concourse C

PHOTO: divabycindy/Instagram

11.a. Grab some natural hair care products from the vending machine from Diva By Cindy.

Diva By Cindy is a natural, alcohol-free haircare brand with a full line of shampoos and conditioners formulated with B vitamins to help stop hair shedding and breakage.

A feel-good do-good brand Diva By Cindy gives a percentage of her profits to support homeless women and victims of domestic violence.

Location: Post security, Concourse D/E

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12. There are three BeRelax Spa locations throughout BWI Airport to get some me-time beauty.  One site does hairstyling and blowouts! You can find location information here.

Vane roams the world in search of healthy airports and innovative wellness services. Because we still want to be healthy and well even while at the airport.

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