Where to Fuel Up On Healthy Airport Smoothies On-The-Fly

Healthy airport smoothies are a challenge to find. However, when you find one, it’s complete bliss. After all, a smoothie is the most convenient airport food. First, you can customize it to your own liking. Second, it’s quick to prepare. And lastly, it’ll make you feel full and satisfied.

Generally, smoothies have pretty standard ingredients. You pick your base—milk, juice or yogurt—and then your fruits. You can usually choose add-ons like protein powder, honey or energy boosters, too!

However, we’re a bit skeptical of finding healthy airport smoothies. After all, it can be a hit and miss! Consequently, we went scrolling through Instagram to find the best of the best. As a result, here’s what we found.

Where to fuel up on healthy airport smoothies:

1. McCarran International Airport, Rachel’s Kitchen.

Location: Terminal D, near gate D6

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2. Birmingham Airport, Joe and the Juice.

Location: After security within the Departure Lounge

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3. Winnipeg Richardson International Airport, Stella’s Cafe.

Location: Pre-security

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4. Haven Oslo Airport, Haven.

Location: International Departures

5. Sochi International Airport, Craft Store.

Location: Airside, 2nd Floor, Sector B

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6. Dubai International Airport, Pulp Juice Bars.

Locations: Terminal 3, Concourse A, B, C

There are so many healthy smoothies at airports! A few of our favourites are from: Booster Juice, Jamba Juice, Joe & The Juice, and Boost Juice. Furthermore, we’ve also tried a delicious smoothie at Ice Box Cafe at Miami Airport, Terminal D.

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Whether it’s to gain energy, cure a hangover, detox or merely get some nourishment, healthy airport smoothies are a great thing. Seems like eating well can be hard when you’re on a time crunch and navigating an unknown airport. Yet with a conveniently healthy airport smoothie, you’ll be good to go.

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If you come across healthy airport smoothies, juice bars or cold-pressed juices, please share them with us! Send the information with an image to cristina [at] vaneairport.com and we will post it. Because we love to share healthy airport food finds with our community! After all, healthy airport smoothies should never be missed.

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