5 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Tallinn Airport’s Pop-Up Gym

We have good news for fitness lovers! There’s a new airport gym to break a sweat at. The new Tallinn Airport Pop-Up Gym will be around for the next six months. Which seems like a short time, but still, it’s better than nothing. After all, it can be so hard even to find an airport gym! It was opened by a leading fitness club operator, MyFitness, in Estonia. 

However, the million-dollar questions is: Did you even know that airport gyms exist?

There are a few out there. For example, Goodlife Gym at Toronto’s Pearson International, Zerlovel Fitness located in Las Vegas Airport, and Roam Fitness at BWI Airport are some fully-equipped airport gyms.

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We asked Erkki Torn, the CEO of MyFitness, “Why the gym at the airport?”

He told us:

“We would like to promote a healthy lifestyle and remind people that during their travel it is also important to stay active and healthy.”

He also told us they “plan to have fitness professionals on-site from time-to-time to provide travelers with some on the spot training tips. Also, helpful advice on how to stay healthy” while traveling.

5 Reasons to Try the Tallinn Airport pop-up gym:

Tallinn Airport Pop Up Gym
PHOTO: Tallinn Airport

1. It’s completely free to use!

Airport gyms charge a day rate of up to $30. Free is a bargain if you are itching to use the equipment. The Tallinn Airport pop-up gym has modern equipment that includes treadmills, weight machines, and a stretching area.

Tallinn Airport gym
PHOTO: Tallinn Airport

2. It has views of the runway.

As you can see from the picture (shown above), it’s a decent view while doing a workout! Also, being distracted by what’s going on outside will help you forget that you’re a sweating mess.

3. It’s super convenient.

There is no payment or signing up, so you can bypass that step and head straight to your workout.

Tallinn Airport Pop Up Gym
PHOTO: Tallinn Airport

4. Your body will thank you.

Doing some fitness is better than none. Your body is always thankful when you decide to squeeze in a workout. Especially if you thought you’d have to skip your treadmill session because of travels!

5. You will be less stressed.

Airports are full of pre-flight stress, and work out can be your fast salvation to travel anxiety.

Whether it’s 15 minutes on the treadmill or some stretching before a long flight, a  workout is a healthy way to occupy your time while waiting to board. Even if there is no gym at the airport, you can get some fitness on your own. Check out our top favorite airport exercises you can try anytime without weights.

The Tallinn Airport pop-up gym is located at Gate 6, post-security, in the departures area. Have fun working out those pre-flight jitters!

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