Healthy Carry On Food Packs You Can Bring On An Airplane

When faced with the choice of eating airline food, many of us choose not to eat at all. Some people choose to pack their snacks. Although, bringing your food onboard sounds great until you think about the hassle that goes into it. (And of making sure your snack doesn’t include any of these.) Preparing it, packing it and then racing to your gate! That’s not the case with this incredibly delicious and healthy carry on food packs.

Airport food still has a bad rap but many restaurants are offering up menu options like “onboard boxed meals” that are a step up from bad airline food. (You know the ones we’re talking about.)

For those of us flying economy, bringing one of these “on the fly meals” could seem like a luxury and the envy of other passengers. The grab-as-you-go healthy carry on food packs is a great food choice. Especially since the likelihood of getting a Caprese salad in economy is almost next to none.

Healthy Carry On Food Packs You Can Bring on the Plane 

Healthy Carry On Food Packs - Vane Airport Magazine
PHOTO: Kitchen by Mike

1. Fly by Mike, Kitchen by Mike, Sydney International Airport

You can make your healthy carry on tray-packs at @kitchenbymike. All packs are custom-made to order and include salads and roast vegetables, light meat, and fish dishes, homemade cakes and puddings, and seasonal fruit and cold press juices.

Location: Sydney International Airport, T1 International, Airside, Pier B between Gates Gates 10-24

2. Plane Food, Gordon Ramsay, London Heathrow’s Terminal

The celebrity chef’s quickie eatery offers a Cruise Control menu for those with time to kill and a Plane Fast service for ­express a la carte. The On-Board Feast is a plane picnic for those seeking a more discerning in-flight meal.

The spillage potential has been taken care of, with everything packed into a small, handheld carry-on, which is easy to navigate around precarious tray tables. For three courses including a starter, main and dessert it’s £14 ($24).

Location: London Heathrow’s Terminal 5


Vue Plane Boxes. Shannon Bennett’s. Healthy Carry On Food Packs - Vane Airport Magazine

3. Vue Plane Boxes, Shannon Bennett’s, Melbourne Airport

Café Vue Express at Melbourne Airport provide Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner plane boxes for just $18 and are all available for you to take on your domestic or international flight.

Location: T2 International Departures (near the international check-in counters) and Café Vue-Airside Terminal 2 (past customs and just before the International departure gates)

Hours: 7 days a week 6:00am-1:00am


food_on_the_fly_ Vancouver Airport. Healthy Carry On Food Packs - Vane Airport Magazine
PHOTO: Vancouver Airport

4. Food on the Fly, Vancouver International Airport

YVR Food on the Fly is available at any YVR restaurant providing fresh food and snacks packaged especially for your flight in a travel-friendly bag. Enjoy an impressive selection of food and beverage choices ranging from gourmet West Coast specialties and healthy food options to Japanese bento boxes and delicious comfort foods.

Food to take on board your flight at Heathrow Airport. Healthy Carry On Food Packs - Vane Airport Magazine
PHOTO: Heathrow Airport

5. Take on Board, Heathrow Airport

Take On Board foodie treats have a fantastic selection of sumptuous salads, seafood and more are specially packaged so you can dine while you fly. From Gordon Ramsay picnics and Fortnum and Mason’s ‘Hamperling’ (gourmet food to be enjoyed in transit) to classics from Pret and Eat, the variety of foods options to take on your flight will not disappoint.

Next time you’re pressed for time at the airport, find some healthy carry on food. You can also arrange the delivery or pick-up of airport food. There are 4 airport food apps that are changing the way we eat on the go at the airport. Here’s where you can use them.

You’ll nourish your body and not suffer the indigestion-causing stress of not knowing what you may get on the flight.

Updated July 4, 2018

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