10 of Our Favorite Healthy Food Finds at Sydney Airport — From Juices to Poke Bowls

Turns out, healthy food at Sydney Airport is in mass abundance! However, is it really a shock that the land of beach bodies is also super health-centric? You can get everything from juices and smoothies to poke bowls and (healthy) burritos.

Additionally, it won’t be hard to find healthy food at Sydney Airport because we’ve done the searching for you.

Sydney Airport features a wide selection of healthy food and beverage outlets that cater to the modern traveller’s desire for wellness on-the-fly. In this post, we’re showing how Sydney Airport is transforming the airport experience and improving their customers’ journey!

For instance, one of our favorite spots that we’ve written about previously is Kitchen by Mike. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better healthy food option than this! However, if you’re looking for cold-pressed juices, you’re in luck. Kitchen by Mike is located in Terminal 1 International, Airside, Pier B between Gates 10-24.

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Furthermore, if you’re in a rush you can grab-and-go with Fly by Mike’s carry-on tray-packs. They are made-to-order and perfect for extending your health in-flight. You can select from a range of salads, roasted vegetables, light meat and fish dishes, homemade cakes and puddings, and seasonal fruit. Fly by Mike is located near Gate 10 in Terminal 1 International.

Here’s what we found for healthy food at Sydney Airport:

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1. Joe and the Juice

Joe and the Juice hails from Copenhagen and features energy-boosting juices packed with vitamins and minerals. Their Heartbeet juice is a combination of avocado, beetroot, pineapple, banana, and apple. While the Energizer is a refreshing red grapefruit, ginger and apple mix! And Prince of Green—another favorite—contains spinach, pineapple, and apple to boost your wellbeing pre-flight.

Locations: T1 International Departures, near Gate 30 and T2 Domestic, Food Court

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2. Roll’d

Roll’d serve up healthy, fresh and fast Vietnamese street food with a twist from modern Australia. Low carb rice paper rolls featuring tofu, barramundi, and poached chicken are tasty selections for a pre-flight snack.

Locations: T1 International Departures, Food Court and T2 Domestic, Food Court

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3. SumoSalad Green Label

SumoSalad is the first of its kind. Born from the manifesto “food with a purpose”, the store takes a holistic approach to healthy food using seasonal produce from local suppliers and products made in Australia.

Location: T2 Food Court

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4. Lorna Jane Active Living Room

The Lorna Jane Active Living Room by fitness guru Lorna Jane showcases the first yoga room at an Australian airport. Passengers can practice yoga and stretching pre-flight, while snacks like protein balls and other healthy meals are offered at the Nourish Café located within the relaxing space.

Location: T2 Domestic, near Gate 34

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5. Boost Juice

Boost offers a range of healthy and delicious juices and smoothies, blitzed to perfection and to your liking. We love the Berry’d Treasure with strawberries, superfruit booster, dates, apple, banana, and ice. Moreover, it is gluten-free and low in fat. Yum!

Location: Terminal 1 International Departures, near Gate 56

6. Hero Sushi

Hero Sushi offers deliciously healthy airport food options! For example, bespoke poke bowls with protein-packed salmon and tuna, as well as tofu paired with edamame beans, shredded cabbage, and avocado. Furthermore, it’s all topped off with your choice of four different dressings. We recommend the spicy sesame!

Location: T1 International and T3 Domestic Food Courts

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7. Top Juice

With years of experience sourcing premium fruits and vegetables, Top Juice provides delicious and healthy salads, juices, smoothies, and meals.

Location: T1 International Departures, Food Court

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8. Coast Cafe & Bar

Coast Cafe draws inspiration for their food (and atmosphere) from the beautiful beach life that most Australians are lucky to know. They serve a variety of items like boiled eggs, grilled veggies, smoothies and more! In fact, this is an excellent example of healthy food at Sydney Airport.

Location: Terminal 1 International near Gates 50-63

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9. Tuk Chop Vietnamese

To quote Sydney Airport, what are you waiting for Pho? Tuk Chop serves some of the freshest Vietnamese food you’ll find at the airport. Plus, it’s ultra-delicious. Whether you’re getting salad rolls, vermicelli or soup you can enjoy it knowing that it’s light, authentic and scrumptious!

Location: T2 Domestic near Gate 40

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10. Mad Mex

Get a zesty taste of Mexico before you leave the sunny shores of Sydney! Their burritos, bowls, and tacos are always made fresh and are bursting with flavor. Mexican can sometimes feel like a cheat meal, but with this one, you won’t have to worry about also staying healthy.

Locations: T1 International Departures and T3 Domestic food courts

Do you have any tips or photos of healthy food at Sydney Airport? Let us know! Mention us in your photos @vaneairportmag and make sure to tag #itravelwell. Happy healthy eating!


UPDATED July 31, 2018

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