Becoming a Health Conscious Traveler

The health-conscious traveler, like most us, wants to avoid travel stress. That includes chronic fatigue,  unpredictability, digital overload, and bad eating habits. And these are just some of the things that can make you feel pretty lousy.

Preventing travel stress is something we nearly obsess over as a health-conscious traveler. We are all about this prevention!

That’s why we came up with 5 habits that will help avoid the “I feel gross” travel feeling.

Health Conscious Traveler Habits

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H2O (water) is a must-have.  The health-conscious traveler knows that travel can cause dehydration.   They place emphasis on drinking water. Hydration cannot be stressed enough! Seventy percent of the human body is made up of water.

Your body just requires lots of fluids to help combat body stress. With airplane cabin humidity being so low, you’ll need all the fluids you can get! Water combats body stress and this is something the health-conscious traveler always keeps in mind.

But What About Food? Everyone Has to Eat, Right?

Dry snack items are always on hand. Curb your hunger pangs with some roasted chickpeas, puffed rice, biscuits (non-cream ones), popcorn, muesli, and dry fruits. Your tummy will say thank you.

Seeds are carried on in a carry-on.  Avoid bad airport temptations. Pack some roasted seeds like quinoa, flax seeds, and almonds. These are easy to carry in a zip-lock bag. Your body will crave that good fat while traveling and the health-conscious traveler knows this!

Research is done ahead of time. There are some airport healthy food options, but nowhere near enough. Fresh-made salads and smoothies are common. Airport food is often not the best for the health-conscious traveler. But with some planning, you can avoid the pre-made sandwich.

Exercising and stretching regularly is a must. Angela Davis BSc (Hons) DPodM MChS is a podiatrist that recommends, “to relieve swollen ankles after a flight, elevate your feet above heart level for half an hour, three times daily. Move your feet around regularly as a lack of movement can cause the blood and fluid to stagnate.”

Here are some places this summer you can get some fitness during your travel day

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Even the most health-conscious traveler will struggle to maintain their health while traveling! Don’t fret if it is tough to do!

Take small steps in the right direction and you’ll succeed. Following a basic regime is the key to becoming the health-conscious traveler you dream of becoming.

UPDATED July 26, 2018


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