Feed Your Hunger: Healthy Foods Have Landed At ROAM Fitness

Healthy foods have landed at ROAM Fitness!

We are super excited to learn that ROAM Fitness at Baltimore-Washington International Airport has launched a new airport food offering they’ve been working on for months.

They just launched a healthy, grab-and-go meal service that has been designed with customer feedback in mind.

We all know airport food can be expensive, often unhealthy, and challenging to take on flights.

Many travelers have trouble finding airport food that works for them, so they set out to create a solution.

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ROAM Fitness has partnered with FeedYouFit, a personal meal preparation company based in New York. They make high-quality kosher meals in a USDA-inspected facility.

PHOTO: Roam Fitness

Best features of the FeedYouFit airport food offering:

1. All meals are already fully cooked

All of the meals are fully cooked and then frozen for convenience — they only need to be reheated in a microwave.

These were primarily designed for flight crews and staff. However, passengers can buy them too.  The goal is for staff and flight crews who have break rooms with microwaves, and on the airplane, to heat these easy grab-and-go meals.

For travelers, these are a great on-the-go option on the way to the hotel, which may not have a full kitchen but just a microwave. Also, some lounges have microwaves, too, or you could ask the flight crew to heat the meal for you.

2. ROAM Fitness will have microwaves soon

Currently, ROAM Fitness does not offer microwave services, but they plan to offer them at future locations.

3. FeedYouFit is certified kosher

FeedYouFit is registered with OU Kosher, and all meals are made in a kosher facility, with kosher meat and poultry. The meals that are not certified OU contain vegetables that are non-kosher.

4. All meals display full nutrition information

With full nutrition information listed on the packaging, you can know exactly what you’re eating and what nutrients you’re getting from your meal. We like being informed!

PHOTO: Feed you fit

5. There are 6 delicious meal options

They will be offering a variety of six yummy meals. One is a veggie breakfast, and the five others are lunch/dinner options.

We really like the look of the Lean Beef Chili Garden Vegetables *Bean Free* that they will be offering.  The Beef Chili is mildly seasoned and slowly cooked with a mix of freshly chopped vegetables including tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, and celery. Yum!

ROAM Fitness will sell the six meals via the following options:

1) One-off meals cost $12.50

2) A 10-meal punch card costs $110

3) A monthly subscription is $10/meal. This means: you get one meal a month, and you can come in and pick it up whenever you like that month.

4) A weekly subscription is $9.25/meal (e.g., one meal a week, come in and pick it up whenever you like that week).

They will also provide utensils and napkins.

We love the variety of dietary options, the yummy looking ingredients, and flavors. We can’t wait for Vane Airport Mag to stop in and give it a try. Save us some of that Beef Chili!

We are eager for more feedback! Let us know if you happen to try these healthy airport meals. Which is your favorite? Tag us #itravelwell

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