Hotel Review: The Assemblage On John Street in NYC

The Assemblage Hotel is located in New York City’s Financial District just above Fulton Street subway station.

Established as a hub for collaboration and creativity, Assemblage is a co-working, co-living and community-driven space.

The 48,000-square-foot house offers 290 hot desks, 33 private offices with seven 5 conference rooms, 4 Meditation Rooms, lots of coworking & shared community spaces and a Tea Ceremony Room & Yoga room too.

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What I love about The Assemblage On John Street in NYC

1. The entrance

Stepping foot inside this gorgeous moss-lined lobby will instantly transport you from the high-energy bustle of the city into a serene paradise.

There is a Gamelatron in the entryway, and when you are ringing its supposed to align with your Hearts Center. The goal is meant to create intentions and a sense of peace.

PHOTO: Vane Airport Media | Yoga Room

2. Wellness offerings

The Assemblage offers a variety of mental and physical wellness you can pick from a daily that’s inspiring.

During my stay, I enjoyed a morning yoga session that left me calm, inspired, and ready for my day.

3. A sense of Co-working community vibe

The coworking spaces are an important part of many people’s stays, and if you are traveling for business and don’t have an NYC office, The Assemblage has all you need.

PHOTO: Vane Airport Media | Room at The Assemblage On John Street in NYC

4. The Rooms

The apartment style rooms are suitable for extended stays and are larger than average for New York City. Nice high-end linens, natural bath products, and in-room books to peruse.

The rooms have kitchenettes and ample seating areas to entertain or conduct work sessions.

I love the variety of plants in the room and on the walls and the enormous crystals decorating the space.

In particular, my favorite feature was the teamwork area in the room with a large desk that had outlets for more than one.

PHOTO: Vane Airport Media | Drinks from the Nymphaea Elixir Bar

5. The Nymphaea Elixir Bar

Instead of a hotel bar, they have an elixir bar that does not serve alcohol. Their elixir bar is based on the tradition of Herbal Alchemy, the process of connecting planetary energy to person and plant.

I love this concept as you get to participate in the fun of a bar vibe but in a healthy way.

Everything in The Assemblage has been created with positive intention. The plants, the gong, the wellness spaces, and the vibe genuinely promote wellness inside and out.

This hotel is a world apart when it comes to finding the right mental and physical space to be present and thrive. In the heart of such an unforgivingly busy city, The Assemblage takes your most essential needs very seriously and leaves you feeling ready to take it all on.

Don’t forget to say hi to my favorite person, Dale at The Nymphaea Elixir Bar. It was interesting to learn how she brews her healthy cocktails designed to alter states of mood.

Much better than sipping the third mediocre glass of wine and crying the blues at your typical hotel bar packed with tired corporate types.

Cristina Alcivar

Founder and Editor of Vane Airport Magazine. Passionate about everything well-being, love travel, the ocean, and the sun.

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