Airport Massage: 10 Reasons to Get It and Not Regret It

Our culture thrives on the idea of high risk, high reward. We abuse our bodies – by overworking no enough resting or eating well. An airport is usually a place of limited time and no time to relax. But have you ever thought about getting an airport massage?

There are many places to get a massage at the airport but most of us don’t think to plan the time to book this service. Airport Spas are on the rise and now is the best time to take the time for some airport wellness services during your travel day.

A recent article by Shape, The Mind-Body Benefits of Getting a Massage shows that the many benefits of a regular rubdown go far beyond skin deep.

With that being said, massages are all about healing and giving your body more by giving it the resources to heal itself. There’s data suggesting that a massage can decrease muscle spasms and all kinds of pain – back pain, anxiety, depressed mood, and feelings of stress.

Reasons why an airport massage can be great:

1. It helps you avoid being in a bad mood when there is another flight delay or gate change.

2. You’ll refrain from getting into a pissed off mood.

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PHOTO: Stock Unlimited - airport massage
PHOTO: Stock Unlimited

3. You could be the only one at the airport smiling.

airport massage
PHOTO: Sergei Zubkov/flickr

4. You won’t have to drink excessively at the airport or on the airplane to take the edge off. This is a healthy alternative!

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Yoga at the airport - airport massage
PHOTO @lolrehder /Instagram

5. You’ll get that namaste feeling! With that feeling, you’ll definitely want to share it with others.

congested airport line - airport massage
PHOTO Copenhagen airport crowds  Charlie O/flickr

6. It can help with a bad layover.

7. Relaxation during congested holiday travel in the form of an airport massage is always nice!

Reasons to get an airport massage
PHOTO Marco Giumelli/flickr

8. You can escape an annoying travel partner for a while.

Reasons to get a massage at the airport - airport massage
PHOTO: Anne Worner/flickr

9. Assists you in dealing with the people hogging the charging station more effectively than you ever could have imagined.

10. You won’t buy bad airport food because you’ll feel fantastic!

UPDATED September 24, 2018

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