London International Airport Has Therapy Dogs Visit Once A Month

London International Airport has airport therapy dogs roaming their airport once a month until October this year. Though, the airport plans to continue the program after October as well.

London International Airport ( YXU) is located on the east boundary of the city of London, Ontario, Canada.

Air Canada Express, Swoop, WestJet and WestJet Encore serve London International Airport, with Sunwing and Air Transat providing direct flights to tropical destinations during the winter months.

Therapy Dog at London International Airport PHOTO: London International Airport

Where to find airport therapy dogs in Canada?

Anxious about flying and travelling through Canada? In 2018 we found, 13 Canadian airports with therapy dogs. Take a look at our list here.

In Ontario, Canada, you can now find therapy dogs in London International Airport, Hamilton International Airport, Toronto Pearson and Billy Bishop airport.

We are always on the hunt to help connect you with positive services. Airport therapy dogs offer travellers a sense of place to interact and share with others,  touch, feel and play. Most importantly, an opportunity to connect with the local community.

Therapy Dog at London International Airport PHOTO: London International Airport

Petting a Dog has Pawsitive Benefits

Connecting with a dog via touch is one of the most powerful ways to bond with an animal. It doesn’t take much petting and hugging to feel the difference it can make to your mood.

One study found that “cortisol levels were significantly decreased after 15 and 30 minutes of an owner stroking, petting, and talking with their labrador.”

Besides, tremendous emotional love dogs can provide. There is also a bring a sense of value. Everything at the airport is outrageously expensive. Petting and interacting with a dog at the airport is free!

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