Airport Spa Review: d_parture Spa at Newark Airport

Those seeking some pampering will welcome the new d_parture Spa at Newark Airport, Terminal C.

A brand new location of this pop-up Spa officially swung its doors open this summer. There are no other airport spas at Newark Airport, which makes d_parture Spa a much-needed dose of relaxation for busy travelers.

Founder Gina Stern came up with the idea on a day of travel Thanksgiving in 1998. She had been walking around a terminal with nothing to do and end up sitting at a bar packed with fellow travelers. She overheard a woman at the bar say, “I just broke a nail, and wish there was a nail salon to get this fixed!”

That woman’s comment leads Gina to embark on her mission. “I knew I wanted to change the [airport] experience,” she said. That was her magic moment. In November 2000, she opened the first d_parture Spa in Newark Airport’s Terminal C.

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The experience at d_parture Spa is a mindful and thoughtful affair. I stepped into an all-glass space and inhaled the cooling sage scent that welcomed me. Soothing music helped the chaos outside quickly fade away once inside this transparent cocoon.

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No ordinary chair massage

Therapists have silk handkerchiefs that are used during the chair massage. Gina explained the purpose of the purple silk handkerchiefs, “Is used to create glide and reduce friction between therapist and customer. It also soothes the therapist- the seated massage is done with clothes on, and different fabrics clients wear can be tough on the therapist.  The silk between the client and therapist eases touch between them.”

Also, according to the website PURPLEologist, the color purple is a healing color.

Also, they use two aromatherapy massage balls called t spheres during the chair massage.  These spheres are infused with essential oils to help relax the mind while they ease muscle tension and stress.

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Dual foot and hand massage

The Spa offers a foot and hand massage performed by two therapists at the same time. Dual massage techniques help to evoke an even more profound sense of relaxation, as more points of contact mean more immersive stress relief.

During the massage, I forgot about my surroundings. I was transported to an actual state of bliss as my hands and feet were pampered at the same time. The smells and sounds of the d_partures pop-up helped to make an all-encompassing wellness experience.

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More than just a massage

On top of the massage, d_parture Spa provides you with a face towelette, a custom-blended sage spray, and a feather. Sage is often used in healing practices to help cleanse the body, mind, spirit. The use of feathers is meant to help move away negative energy to bring about healing. They have a variety of feathers in an array of colors too.


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Departure-ready retail selection

Like everything else at the d_parture Spa, lots of thought has gone into their departure-ready retail selection. From face sheet masks to jet lag remedies, high potents oil blends, and much more, you will find something to make your journey wellness infused.

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Price list

Seated massage: $30/$50/$70 for 10/20/30 minutes

Scalp and eye massage: $55 for 30 minutes

Hand and forearm massage: $40 for 15 minutes

Foot and calf massage: $40/70 for 15/30 minutes

The Absolute Indulgence head-to-toe massage package: $150 for 60 minutes

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Holistic wellness

The relaxation experience you get at d_parture Spa at Newark Airport airport goes the extra mile. The multi-sensory touches like sage, feathers, and calming music help to round out a holistic wellness treatment.

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