Marqette Dublin Airport: Creating An Irish Sense of Place

Marqette is a well-known foodie hub in Dublin Airport. Though I haven’t been there, I know friends on this side of the world who rave about the food! They are an award-winning airport indoor food market with fantastic staff who ensure everything is fresh and your food is made the way you want it – yes, please!

Recently, while at the Passenger Terminal Expo I sat on a panel with fellow airport colleagues. In particular, I had the chance to catch up again with Michael Thornton, the General Manager of Marqette.

I had been reporting about Marqette, following their fresh grab-and-go meals, and excited about their offerings. In fact, while at the FAB Awards last year in Toronto I made it a point to find them at the busy event.

When I caught a glimpse of the Irish first-time nominated team, I had to praise them like a rock star groupie. I approached them and confidently claimed Marqette Dublin Airport would win. And they did!

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They have managed to bring not just superior healthy foods to Dublin Airport but have incorporated local Irish charm. How? Everything about Marqette is made locally with many elements drawn from Irish history. Obviously, my curiosity led me to find out more.

Ireland’s reputation as a food island is richly deserved, and it’s fitting that this is reflected at their international airport. Providing freshly cooked food using the best of what Ireland has to offer is their mission and passion.

5 ways Marqette at Dublin Airport creates an Irish sense of place

PHOTO: Toons Bridge Dairy

1. Quaint market stalls

Toons Bridge Dairy is just one of many market stall offerings in Marqette. It’s a family-run dairy based in West Cork. It makes Irish mozzarella, ricotta and buratta, to name a few of their artisanal cheeses. Their delicious, authentic cheeses are made in small batches using local raw cows’ and sheeps’ milk.

PHOTO: Marqette

2. Order from a vintage Citroen

The Hatch is another exciting and unique feature of Marqette. This vintage Citroen van is a cooked-to-order counter specializing in omelettes, crepes, and pancakes.  Who wouldn’t like getting their food made just the way they like it, from a vintage Citroen?

The brick wall behind The Hatch comes from the U2 recording studios Windmill Lane Studios. It was U2’s recording studio from 1978 to 1988 located in the Dublin Docklands area.

3. Sustainable ethos

The seating in Marqette is made from reclaimed local shipping containers. We love when airports feature local, sustainable design and make that ethos a core part of their identity. Nice!

4. Fresh breakfasts include free-range eggs

That’s right, the eggs are free range from County Monaghan. And who could resist a traditional, freshly prepared Irish breakfast?

PHOTO: Marqette

5. Irish soda bread

One of the greatest Irish traditions is to eat soda bread. In Ireland, the flour is typically made from soft wheat, so soda bread is best made with a cake or pastry flour (made from soft wheat), which has lower levels of gluten than bread flour. We love the ability to get an authentic taste of Ireland via their famous bread at Marqette.

Marqette at Dublin Airport is one of those special places I hope to visit soon. I’m sure I will join all my colleagues who are still dreaming of the smell of their fresh bread. Now that’s a smell I can wake up to any time.

If you’re traveling through Dublin Airport and looking for some healthy fresh food, head to Marqette. There’s no better place to explore the culinary heritage and customs from Ireland. From its farms to its rock stars to its breads, Marqette has all the elements that will make you feel at home! 

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