Need A Nap? New Private Suites Open At Charlotte Airport

Need A Nap At Charlotte’s Airport? 6 New Private Suites and a shower facility are open today.

Founded in 2009, Minute Suites says its suites — each about 56 square feet — allow travelers to nap, relax or work. The service is already offered at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Philadelphia International Airport and Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

What is a Minute Suites room?  It is a small room with a desk, couch daybed sofa, pillows, and fresh blankets. A sound masking system within each suite helps neutralize noise to help deliver recharging power nap, escape from the airport noise and privacy.

This is not a lounge where you can get free snacks or drinks. They are private rooms you can get some peace and privacy in an airport.

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Some features of the new private suites opening Charlotte Airport


One hour (minimum): $42.00
15-minute increments (first two hours) $10.50

Two hours $84.00
15-minute increments (after two hours) $8.00

Overnight flat rate (8 hours) $140.00

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You can pre-book. If it’s a shower only, $30 gets you 30 minutes. If you purchase a suite, you can add a shower for $20.

Nursing Moms

Nursing mothers get 30 minutes free to pump/feed.  We love the offering Minute Suites have for mom, thumbs up.

Priority Pass members get 1 hour free and a discounted rate of $28/hr after that. They also offer a special discount rate for pilots, airline employees, and military personnel

There are so many health and wellness benefits to get some rest and airports.  We know exercising and eating healthy foods help a person achieve good health. But, scientists also say having a nap in the day is good for your health, and can prevent your brain from aging.

It’s not just about delays and cancellations, but feeling exhausted on those long travel days too. The less we derail our health, the more positive we will feel. And we are all looking for some more positive, even at the airport.

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