NaSah’s Nurture Nature Spa Launches at Nashville International Airport

NaSah’s Nurture Nature Spa has launched at Nashville International Airport in Concourse C.

I had a chance to speak with Angela Mitchell Hill, the founder of NaSah’s Nurture Nature Spa, to get the scoop on the new spa.

Mitchell Hill opened her first nail salon in 1997, and her mother’s name inspired the name ‘NãSah.’ Since then, she is known as ‘Nashville’s Nail Lady,’ and in 2018, she is featured in Nashville Business’s 100 Leading African Americans.


PHOTO: NāSah's Nurture~Nature

NaSah’s Nurture Nature Spa gives back and is sustainable

1. As part of its continued commitment to doing good in her community, NãSah’s Nurture Nature Spa offers products with a goodwill mission that help her local community.

For example,  some “products sold include vegan and natural personal care products as well as local, small, and purposeful companies. Thistle Farms is one of our local and purposeful companies whose mission is to provide effective, lifelong support of women survivors of human trafficking, drug addiction, and prostitution. Chavez for Charity, Erase Hate, and Pinch Me Therapy Dough are other impactful products available at NaSah’s Nurture Nature,” Angela told us.

2. The spa offers no-water manicures and pedicures. For instance, Angela explained her sustainable spa concept to Vane, “Since opening in 2004, we have used over 1,000,000 gallons of water performing manicure and pedicure services at BNA, Airport. This is shocking yet true. We use steam and hot towel therapy to conserve a precious resource – Water.”

We can not agree more about reducing water usage.

3. In addition to offering manicures and pedicures, the spa  also offers “facials, waxing, sugaring as well as lash extensions.”

Location: Concourse C

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