New Airport Therapy Dog Program Launches At Wilkes-Barre Scranton International

We are feeling all positive about the New Airport Therapy Dog Program that recently launched at Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport.

Who isn’t stressed out at an airport?

You’re running through security, and you have a bottle over 3oz in your bag! Then you look over and see dogs! Whether they are security dogs or Airport Therapy Dogs, who isn’t immediately brought to joy when they see an adorable pooch coming their way?

Happy dogs are the newest volunteers at Wilkes Barre Scranton airport called The (RED) Tails! Eric McKitish, Director of Marketing, shared the news with us! Twelve teams of these red bandanas wearing pooches will be cruising through the airport, and the numbers are growing!

We asked Eric about when you can see these wagging tails, and he informed us that “there is no firm schedule to date. All teams are to provide at least one monthly shift of one to two hours at one assigned location. However, if a team would like more shifts, that is being arranged.”

With small interactions already, Eric McKitish wants us to inform you, that they have “seen that passengers love seeing the warm, wet noses and wagging tails that are creating a friendly, “PAWSitive” experience at AVP!”

Niko, Hickory and Ivan Airport Therapy Dogs at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport PHOTO: Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport

Team “Tails” is an acronym for Therapy Animals Integrating Less Stress. This our take on it

  • Therapy,  a much needed an approach to deal with travel anxiety.
  • Animals, well, they are happy creatures that bring out the best in humans. To interact with them and play with them is a big jolt of glad!
  • Integrating is a great way to bring people together and create a sense of community.
  • Less Stress, we all want more for that, especially at an airport!

Now you might be asking, “what is this program for?” or, “I thought dogs with vests could not be pet.” I am pleased to share with you that this program allows you, the traveller, to be comforted when there’s a stressful layover or being stuck in security for a ridiculous amount of time.

Another fantastic perk is while you’re petting an adorable puppo, you can ask questions about the airport or become more informed about the AVP program.

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For me, take a second and imagine getting off a full flight, you were crammed in a seat next to a stranger, turbulent rattled your plane, or maybe the stewardess was having a bad day.

You walk out the gate, and there sits a sweet face with a wet nose with the distinguishable red AVP bandana. The stress almost leaves your body and fills with the urge to go say “Hi!”

Current partners with the AVP Tails program are the non-profit groups: Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Pleasure of Your Company Therapy Dogs, and Therapy Dogs International.  

Stressful feelings of angst at airports are being replaced with joy and excitement at airports all around the United States, now including Wilkes-Barre International!

Congrats to Team “Tails!”

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Sara Wacker

Sara Wacker, Airport Therapy Dog Curator is connecting travellers with positive vibes, news and updates. She is a veterinary student with a deep passion for writing and photography with a focus on dogs. In particular, she is passionate about outreach programs that allow them to display different roles in our community. Sara lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her son, husband and two dogs, Maverick and Goose.


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