Health Food Fridges at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport

Do it the Dutch way! Pick up your own healthy meal in seconds at the Health Food Wall in Schiphol Plaza at Amsterdam Airport in the Netherlands.

When we think of “vending machines” we don’t often associate them with high-quality or healthy food. Usually, they’re stocked full of chips and chocolate bars, offering an easy route to scoffing more junk food. Not what we need, especially when we’re in a rush at airports.

What is the Health Food Wall?

The Health Food Wall turns the concept of a vending machine on its head. Their 24/7 grab-and-go fridges let passersby pick up tasty, filling, and healthy dishes in less than 30 seconds. It’s all housed in a massive fridge that looks, as the name suggests, like a wall of tasty food. Each meal is stocked in its own illuminated box with a glass door, so you can see what you’re getting.

We traveled through Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport recently and are so excited about healthy food initiatives like this. The airport has a very progressive approach to healthy travel, from food and exercise to mental health and pampering. Find our full airport wellness guide to Schiphol Airport here.

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PHOTO: Health Food Wall

How the Health Food Wall fridge at Schiphol Airport delivers fast and healthy options

What kind of food does the Health Food Wall offer?

They offer vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-friendly foods in a variety of flavors and combinations. Travelers should be aware that Health Food Wall uses the term gluten-friendly but doesn’t guarantee 100% gluten-free. Meals are delicious and filling and packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. They skip the additives, so everything is super fresh.

Try dishes like Marinated Tempeh with tempeh, rice, edamame, carrot, spinach coriander, and a creamy peanut dressing. Or how about the Green Spring Bowl with falafel, couscous, broccoli, radish, and a fresh avocado dressing.

PHOTO: Health Food Wall

Who prepares the meals?

The foods are prepared by professional chefs and designed by their in-house dietitians. Their kitchen is certified for food safety and hygiene.

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What about drinks and snacks?

The Health Food Wall offers cold-pressed juices by Superfoodguru, made from delicious organic fruits and vegetables. The juices are certified organic by SKAL, gluten-free, and are made without the use of any pasteurization, HPP, or freezing. Try the anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting Orange is the New Black juice with carrot, mango, and turmeric.

They’re planning to add healthy finger food snacks soon.


PHOTO: Health Food Wall

How fresh is the food?

The Health Food Wall fridge is always cooled below 4C for food safety and quality. The machine is restocked daily to ensure freshness, and all packaging is biodegradable, so you don’t have to worry about eating food that’s been wrapped in plastic.

A word from the expert behind the Health Food Wall

I had a chance to speak with Anouk Snelders, Owner and Founder of the Health Food Wall, to learn more about her great idea. She told me: “People are more critical than ever about their food choices. Health Food Wall makes a choice for a healthy meal faster and easier than ever.”

Anouk is both a dietician and a chef and saw a massive gap in healthy but fast options for food in busy places like airports.

“With my passion for food and innovation, my goal is to offer a solution for the growing demand for healthy food, speed and efficiency. Health Food Wall achieves this goal. My background as dietitian and vegetarian chef gives me the opportunity to understand the market and strive for a great product and brand.” —Anouk Snelders

Rather than eating lousy airport food or getting the questionable nutritional value from sub-par restaurants and bars, why not grab a healthy bite to go? Food that’s both fast and healthy is a growing trend at airports around the world, and Schiphol is leading the charge.

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  1. Looks pretty interesting. healthy food is the way. We love salads and green food, just miss the olives on it… Despite some people might think, olives are a great and healthy aliment full of good proprieties…

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