8 Benefits To Visit The New Observation Deck At SFO Airport

The first post-security observation deck at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) opened this week.  The dramatic new outdoor terrace and observation deck is the type of open space that can bring lots of health and wellness benefits during a layover.

The new observation deck is located post-security Boarding Area G (United/Star Alliance) at the airport’s international terminal. It will be open daily from 7:30 am until 11:30 pm.

I visited the rooftop and JFK Terminal last year and enjoyed it. More details here.

Since the lounge is behind security, only passengers using Terminal 3 (United) and the International G-side will have access to it.

Airport Director Ivar C. Satero said, “This outdoor terrace gives our guests a relaxing oasis within our terminals and invites travelers to rediscover the excitement and magic of air travel. My thanks go out to our entire project team for bringing this concept to reality.”

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SFO Outdoor Terrace_2
PHOTO: SFO Airport

8 Benefits To Visit The New Observation Deck At SFO Airport

1. The 2,997 square foot, roofless deck offers expansive 180+ degree views of the ramp and runways. There is lots of space to explore and walk around outdoors.

2. The open-air space means fresh air, getting outside rather than being in the bustle of the airport. Being outside alone can help get some mental clarity, and being outdoors rather than indoors has many health benefits too.

3. There are ten-foot bird-safe glass panels that provide wind protection while allowing open views of the skies above.

4. You can relax and rest upon one of the three comfortable chaise lounges.

5. There is plenty of power charging outlet to get that extra electronic boost and also several wooden chairs and tables.

6. You can eat al fresco. Food and beverages are permitted on the outdoor terrace, but smoking is not allowed at any time.

7. Admire the three bronze sculptures by local artist Woody Othello. They may delight and inspire. You can see some of his work here: http://woodyothello.com

Pancer on the new outdoor deck PHOTO: San Francisco Treats

8. You may run into one of the many airport therapy dogs on the rooftop, too (see Pancer above image).  The airport has a team of SF, SPCA, AAT certified therapy animals, also known as Wag Brigade. I am sure an encounter with this crew will delight and make your travel day less RUFF.  Check out their dedicated Instagram page here.

The airport plans to build a second observation deck, located pre-security in Terminal 2, which is scheduled to open in October 2019. This space will be publicly accessible to anyone, and will not require a boarding pass for travel.

Have you visited this deck? We would love to know about your experience!




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