New Therapy Dog Program Launched At Lincoln Airport

A new airport therapy dog program has launched at Lincoln Airport in Nebraska. The program got up and running on January 18, 2019.

With delays, cancellations and other non-controllable factors of travel happening more often, stress levels at airports are high. We think its pawsitive that passengers will experience less RUFF journeys thanks to the new therapy dogs at Lincoln Airport. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist).

Many airports in the US have started therapy dog programs. LAX Airport is a great example, and last year 7 new airport therapy dog programs launched to bring a bit of relaxation and happiness to passengers.

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PHOTO: Lincoln Airport

Dogs bring stress relief to Lincoln Airport travelers

The new therapy dog program at Lincoln Airport is a great example of a growing trend in animal-lead wellness initiatives.

David S. Haring, Executive Director of Lincoln Airport, told us:

“The initial idea for therapy dogs in the passenger terminal came from the therapy dog organization themselves. Several months ago, representatives from Healing Heart Therapy Dogs approached the airport to determine if there was any interest in periodically having teams at the airport.”

Healing Heart Therapy Dogs is a non-profit organization. Their website says they “serve as a bridge to help develop a caring relationship with children and adults.”

“Their timing couldn’t have been more perfect,” said Haring. We think so too.

Therapy dog teams represent a phenomenal positive catalyst for travelers. Haring explained that “the dogs, while in the terminal, not only do they provide an outlet for those that may be frustrated or stressed as a result of unforeseen circumstances, but they also serve as outstanding ambassadors of both the airport and the community.”

The airport is still working on a fixed schedule for the therapy dogs. Currently, the dogs visit the airport three times a week or as needed. They wear vests designating them as therapy dogs. They also have an airport ID!

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