New Airport Therapy Dog Program Launches At Dublin Airport

Are you a nervous flyer? Do you love dogs?

Then Dublin Airport has something for you. The airport has teamed up with Irish Therapy Dogs and My Canine Companion’s autism service dogs to bring joy at Dublin Airport before they fly.

Dublin Airport’s airport therapy dog program, a new pilot project, just launched this summer. You can connect with some pawsitive puppy love at the airport on Tuesdays and Fridays.

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Get to know the therapy dogs at Dublin Airport

Irish Therapy Dogs was founded in 2008 “by people with a dedicated interest in the use of pet therapy for the provision of comfort and companionship to people in long-term or daily residential care.” They aim to provide nation-wide pet therapy services.

The organization promotes the advancement of education and development of people with special needs through the use of dogs. It also creates a general awareness of the importance and benefits of pet therapy.

Irish Therapy Dogs is a self-funded registered charity. It has established a national network of volunteers who, accompanied by their faithful dogs, bring happiness and healing to those in need.

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Dog training program for passengers with disabilities at Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport also facilities training programs for dogs that serve passengers with disabilities such as autism or vision impairment. The dogs from My Canine Companion learn to navigate the airport and get familiar with all the airport environments. Such as learning to wait in line for security and to handle large crowds.

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