Repurpose Your Old Luggage to Help Others

Repurpose your old luggage to help others and reduce waste sound like a great way to help mother earth. Instead of tossing your luggage into the smelly dumpster. What if I told you that someone else would find it useful or handy?

Luggage is something we usually only use a few times a year.  It means that they will serve you for several years to come as they slowly deteriorate. But it also means that you’ll probably change your luggage sooner than you would want to. So why not give your soon to be old luggage a new purpose?

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Here are five ways you can repurpose your luggage for a second life

1. Take it to a donation drop-off center

There are many donation drop-off centers to help a variety of social causes. For example, you can find the nearest Salvation Army location here to help a person in need. Also, Goodwill and Housing Works are great places to repurpose your old luggage.

2. Give it to Not Just Tourists

Not Just Tourists encourages tourists to become humanitarians by sending life-saving medical supplies overseas. They send medical supplies to those who can’t afford them.
Not Just Tourists are open to donations of full-sized bags that are clean, reasonably light, close quickly, and are in good condition. You can start donating and repurposing luggage here. 

3. Contact local foster care programs to see if they are asking for luggage

Did you know that foster kids are usually moving from one place to another don’t have baggage to transport their belongings? They end up using plastic bags or trash bags.

A fantastic organization such as Suitcases For Kids helps get suitcases to foster children. This non-profit was started—amazingly—by a 10-year-old girl, to connect people with foster programs to donate their suitcases and bags.

5. Trade or sell online with sites like Bunz ⠀

On Bunz, you can trade your stuff locally and sustainably. Thousands of people meet up, buy, and sell items amongst their communities.

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If you are planning to say goodbye to any suitcases or duffel bags, whatever you do – don’t throw them out. Repurposing your luggage can be easily turned into something positive.


Christine & Sarah MacLean

Traveling Sisters from Canada Christine and Sarah MacLean own the Wellness Travelled Blog. They love to educate, motivate, and empower people to embrace a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Follow their Wellness & Eco destinations stories and commitment to #ZeroWaste Travel

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