Fitness On The Fly: Break a Sweat During Your Layover at BWI Airport

Fitness on the fly is better than no workout. It can be hard to find a place to break a sweat at the airport, but thankfully airports are jumping on the fitness & wellness trend. We love the ROAM Fitness gym that officially opened last Tuesday at Baltimore/Washington Thurgood Marshall International Airport.

The 1,175 square-foot fitness facility, is located in the D/E connector, has all the amenities required for the perfect fitness on the fly work out. Whether you just want to stretch out or have a full-on, sweaty, exhausting and exhilarating jog, Roam Fitness has just the thing.

Why try fitness on the fly at BWI Airport


PHOTO: Roam Fitness

Equipment: Cardio equipment, mat space, free weights, a TRX cable system – all the basics to break a significant sweat from beginner to fitness gurus. Whether you choose to sweat out your layover or stretch away those pre-flight jitters, Roam Fitness has got what you need.

Fitness Attire: Roam Fitness provides Lululemon athletic apparel and Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 running shoes that you can either rent or buy. Unlike at Toronto Pearson’s GoodLife Fitness, where you can only rent the clothing, you can take home a new Lululemon outfit – or just buy something comfortable for the flight, right?

PHOTO: Roam Fitness

Showers: Roam is aware of traveler’s paranoia about missing their flights, so they make sure that you don’t waste time. Their showers can be reserved in 15-minute windows so you won’t have to wait to wash away your workout. They also provide complimentary towels and shower products.

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To decrease your layover time stress, Roam attendants will also monitor your flight times for you. Another plus to getting your work-out in stress-free!

PHOTO: Roam Fitness

Storage: You can leave your luggage secure so no need to worry where to leave your personal belongings.

Price: Membership passes are priced at $40 a day, $175 for a month and $600 for an annual pass.

Although this gym has all your amenities, the price seems steep. The average price in our experience ranges from $20-25 for the day at an airport gym. Toronto Pearson charges $15 plus $10 for clothing rental for a total of $25 for the entire day. Check out our list of airport gyms to break a sweat with prices to get a better idea.

PHOTO: Roam Fitness

Cheers, to Roam Fitness and congrats to catering to the wellness-minded traveler! We look forward to more Roam gyms opening worldwide.

We couldn’t agree more with Roam’s philosophy that ‘traveling is “me time” and for so many of us “me time” means exercising. Fitness on the fly at BWI Airport is our new favorite way to get fit during our layover!

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