Review: How I Used the Ducalm Wellness Travel Kit In Flight

We all know how uncomfortable air travel can be. From loud background noise to dry air and cramped seating, long stints in an airplane cabin can wreak havoc on our wellbeing. Not to mention the hidden health dangers of air travel.

Before suffering through your next red-eye or a long-haul flight, consider packing something that can make your inflight experience a little more appealing, and a lot more comfortable.

Ducalm’s in-flight travel wellness kit

The Ducalm travel kit comes in a soft and sleek black bag containing a fun set of wellness products. It’s like opening a gift to yourself in flight. A variety of wipes, sticks, and sprays are designed to leave you feeling calm and refreshed when you land.

I couldn’t stop applying it around my eyes. Silky magic.


Ducalm in-flight wellness travel kit Nicola Brown | Vane Airport Magazine

What’s inside the travel wellness kit? 

Multitastic head-to-toe cleanser: This is kind of like a shower in a stick. It cleanses best when you moisten your skin or a tissue or towel with water, apply, then rinse and pat dry.

Multitastic balm head-to-toe moisturizer: A head to toe moisturizer in stick form is genius. No need to add to your liquid count with messy lotions. This one is made with nourishing oils like rosehip seed oil. The only thing I’d want to improve about the stick cleanser and moisturizer is the fragrance or lack thereof.

Multitastic hydrating facial moisturizer: The facial moisturizing stick was my absolute favourite product in the kit. It’s a milky white stick you apply directly to your face. It is a cooling, moisturizing dose of heaven in dry air cabins. It’s got hyaluronic acid which locks in hydration while natural botanicals calm the skin. I couldn’t stop applying it around my eyes. Silky magic.

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Ducalm in-flight wellness facial moisturizing stick
Ducalm facial moisturizing stick Nicola Brown

Nutrient lip balm: Lip balm is, of course, an essential for air travel. I find that my lips tend to dry out about 10 minutes after applying, so I need this balm on hand at all times to fight off the cabin drought.

Shower wipes: These thick, luxurious cleansing cloths are alcohol and paraben free so that they won’t dry out your skin. This is important for air travel. They’re gentle, soft, and clean head to toe.

Is the Ducalm travel kit worth it?

This all-in-one kit was enjoyable to open up in flight. Having a full suite of cleansing and moisturizing options that are easy to apply in awkward situations adds an extra level of wellbeing to travel.

At $79 the kit isn’t cheap, but the sticks are designed to last a long time. I’m happy when I can get my hands on the right product that’s travel sized but won’t need replacing after just a few uses.

They’re designed to be unisex, so the fragrances are mild or unscented, which I like. While this works well for the facial moisturizing stick, which has no scent at all, a lack of light fragrance in the other sticks means the smell of the other ingredients comes through too strongly. But that scent vanishes quite quickly once applied.

I loved the milky white facial moisturizer stick, and I now plan to pack it every time I fly. Applying it around my eyes gave me such a sense of calm and rejuvenation it surprised me. The shower wipes are also a go-to for me when showering isn’t possible. If you’re looking for 1-2 products, go for those.

The best part? Nothing is a liquid.

The whole kit packs away neatly and doesn’t take up too much space. The soft bag is easy to pack in and around other oddly shaped items in your luggage. But the most useful feature of this wellness travel kit is the fact that nothing is a liquid. That means you don’t have to pull it out when you go through security, and it won’t limit your liquid allowance at all. Brilliant.

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Nicola Brown

Senior Editor at Vane Magazine

Nicola is an international award-winning writer, editor and communication consultant based in Toronto. She has traveled to 32 countries so far and is always poised to head out the door again. She loves both the visceral and intellectual dimensions of travel, and will passionately argue for its psychological paybacks, especially after a few glasses of wine. Having spent many years on the road and in the air, she's interested in how travelers can maintain a healthy mind and body through it all.

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