The Rise of XpresSpa in the World of Airport Spas

The idea of relaxing at the airport sounds zen, right? However, terminals might not be the first place you’d think of for relaxation and pampering – especially with the long security lines. But with relaxation hubs like XpresSpa on the rise, it’s hard to say no to a little “me” time.

Many airport spas are on the forefront of up-and-coming trends – as we noted in our yearly report. In particular, XpresSpa: the pioneer that started the airport spa concept over 12 years ago, with the idea to make relaxation possible during your layover.

XpresSpa has grown from its first location in 2004 at JFK Airport’s Terminal 1 to over 53 locations around the world.

We recently met with the CEO of XpresSpa, Ed Jankowski, at their headquarters in New York City. He told us about XpresSpa’s new and improved update of their concept – that they have affectionately called, XpresSpa 2.0.

But what exactly are the reasons why XpresSpa is on the rise?

The Rise of XpresSpa in the World of Airport Spas

The Rise of XpresSpa | Vane Airport Magazine
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New management

They were recently acquired by FORM Holdings (FH on the NASDAQ). As a result, they provide financial support to the ever-expanding XpresSpa. Besides, their new CEO, Ed Jankowski, a former merchandising executive at Godiva Chocolatier and Luxottica Group Spa, has come in to revamp and bring more passion and direction to the company.

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New design layout

The new designs will include new and improved spa-area and fixture designs while remodeling their older and busiest locations. They’re bringing in some major brands, too. First, they realize how vital a manicure on-the-go can be. Which is why they’re proud to offer the Gel Couture collection by Essie that boasts better and more extended wear.

They’ve also teamed with Dermalogica to provide all your skincare needs at the spa! They will be offering travel-sized Dermalogica products for purchase as well as using their top-quality products for their 15-minute “Face Fit” facials.

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Amazing retail products

The retail products are fantastic as well. We love them all – especially their reflexology socks. They keep you warm and are fun to wear! The socks have particular pressure points that press into your feet and increase circulation, as well as boost your immune system.

We are also huge fans of their gold facial mask that is an absolute must to keep you hydrated in-flight. They offer other facials as well, such as the seaweed facial that helps calm your skin before or after your flight. Manicure and pedicure services are also available if you have more time, as well as chair massages.

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Trained professional staff

Their team is all licensed and experienced professionals that include Massage Therapists, Cosmetologists, and Nail Technicians. You can relax adequately knowing that you’re in good hands.

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Variety of services in one place

What we love about the spa is how it is bringing in together Massages, Nails, Blow Outs and amazing retail products to make your flight better. As frequent travelers and customers of XpresSpa, we have long been familiar with their services and are very excited about all their new improvements.

If you have never tried them, now is a great time. After all, they’re pretty fly.

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