What We Love About SpaHere Coming Soon To Dallas Fort Worth Airport

What we love most about SpaHere, the new spa coming to Dallas Fort Worth Airport, is that you no longer need to feel exposed to everyone in the concourse when having a spa treatment at the airport.

We have heard that many people avoid spas at the airport because they think passers-by can peak in and ruin their zen.

It’s definitely hard to leave airport neurosis at the door when you feel like you are still part of it.

I had a chance to grab some breakfast recently with Solomon Crayton, Former EVP of XpresSpa and Co-founder of SpaHere in New York.

With 14 years of airport spa experience, Solomon feels very fortunate and proud to once again create a spa concept from scratch. I was totally excited to hear about his new airport spa journey and what it offers to spa enthusiasts.

What we love about SpaHere at Dallas Fort Worth Airport

PHOTO: Spa Here

1. Private Cocoons

There are three types of private cocoons: the first with a zero gravity recliner or massage chair, the second with massage treatment tables, and the third with a salon grooming station.

The cocoons feature the latest technology with a high level of comfort, convenience and relaxation.

2. Tech-enabled

Guests will be able to browse a range of apps, services, and products or enjoy a selection of audio-therapy, through noise-canceling headphones.

3. Advanced therapeutic treatments

SpaHere offers a variety of therapeutic treatments that can help combat stress! For instance, three FDA-approved LED therapies are:

• Infrared – Soothes joint and muscular aches and pains
• Red Light – Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
• Blue Light – Diminishes acne

4. Organic waxing services

For when you need that smoothness on the go!

5. Customized heat therapy treatments

These treatments are designed to relieve sore muscles, aches, and pains. The therapist never leaves your side, so you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth every minute.

6. Hair station

The hair station offers shaves and barbering, haircuts, blow-outs and they even have a brow bar.

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PHOTO: Spa Here

7. Digital nail experience

If you’re in for a manicure, you can select your nail shapes and colors on customized software via iPads. I have never experienced this! But can’t wait to try.

They will be offering dry manicures & pedicures for faster service.

8. SpaHere ambassadors

Spa guests will be welcomed by a SpaHere ambassador, who will escort you to the appropriate SpaHere Privacy Cocoon, depending on what service you are having.

9. Fully licensed, well-trained staff

SpaHere at Dallas Fort Worth Airport has upped their game when it comes to the premium airport spa experience. This includes fully licensed, well-trained staff. We are excited and can’t wait to try out their services!

What do you think of this new spa? Don’t forget to tag us with your airport spa finds! #airportspas

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