Get Pampered in Two Hours or Less at Absolute Spa at YVR

Cramped seats. Minimal legroom. Squished between strangers. Sounds like a prescription for a much-needed massage? I think so.

After my flight from Toronto to Vancouver, although the flight was short and sweet, I was craving a full body massage to get me ready for my 22-minute flight continuing to Victoria, BC. I tried out a couple of treatments and figured out the perfect recipe for getting pampered in two hours or less at Absolute Spa at YVR.

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For my pampering session, I was treated to the Aromatherapy Associated Revive Body Wrap and the Kerstin Florian Hydrating Facial – both of which were incredible!

Get pampered in two hours or less at Absolute Spa YVR

Absolute Spa 3
PHOTO: Absolute Spa YVR

I arrived at Absolute Spa at 10:30 am with a robe and flip-flops waiting in my locker for me and was out by 12:30 pm after a final steam in the sauna – perfect timing. The spa was tucked away from the airport, so noise was at a serene level, the room was peaceful, and it felt honestly and utterly relaxing.

Here’s a little bit more about the treatments I received.

Absolute Spa 5
PHOTO: Absolute Spa YVR

Spa Service: Aromatherapy Associated Revive Body Wrap

The whole idea behind this treatment is to “uplift and revive weary travelers” – just what I needed, even though my flight was only 4.5 hours! (Imagine how much reviving you need after a flight from Australia.)

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The primary essential oil in this body wrap is grapefruit which is great for waking up your senses before or after traveling. The wrap is very hydrating for your body and combats the dehydration your skin can feel after a flight!

Time: 60 minutes

Noise Level: None
This treatment is done in a private room which was so lovely.

Summary: 5/5 Stars
My entire body felt terrific after the Revive Body Wrap. First, there was a dry brush that gently scrubbed off dead skin (it had a bit of a tickling feeling), and then oils are rubbed into your skin, followed by a full-body massage and finished off with lotion. Amen!

Absolute Spa 1
PHOTO: Absolute Spa YVR

Spa Service at Absolute Spa YVR: Kerstin Florian Hydrating Facial

We all know how dehydrating a flight can be – all that recycled air? Yuck. The Kerstin Florian Facial is extraordinarily hydrating and perfect for getting your skin back to normal for your stay!

Time: 75 minutes

Noise Level: None
This treatment is also done in a private room.

Summary: 5/5 Stars
I can honestly say that when I looked in the mirror at the end of my facial, my whole face was glowing. Definitely #nofilterneeded here!

After two hours at the spa, I felt like a brand new human being! I would recommend both of these treatments as fabulous ways to get pampered in two hours or less at Absolute Spa at YVR. Enjoy and relax!

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