Interfaith Airport Chapels in The US: Tranquility on The Fly

Interfaith Airport Chapels: Pre-Flight Prayers

I’m not typically looking for interfaith airport chapels, but I am the type of person to put together a little prayer before standing in the TSA line up. I’ve caught myself mumbling under my breath, “Please G-d, don’t let there be a long line, and if there is, please don’t let me forget to take my belt off.”

Who wants to hold everyone up by having to go through the scanner twice?

Not I.

Other times, I’m just praying they don’t pull me aside for a cavity search (I’m assuming there is praying on both ends as the TSA agents may pray they don’t have to cavity search me). I’m more than likely not the guy you’ll find in the interfaith airport chapels during my layover.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not praying for a smooth flight!

A Christian Beginning to Interfaith Airport Chapels

Approximately fifty years ago, Boston’s Logan International Airport built the first airport chapel in the United States. This chapel, along with the few others established at this time, were Catholic. Interfaith airport chapels weren’t a thing yet, but over the last few decades, the orientation of airport chapels began gearing more towards making people of all denominations feel welcome and accepted.

Today many airports have interfaith airport chapels that offer at least one type of organized prayer, and some of them provide more than one kind of service.

5 US Interfaith Airport Chapels For Prayers on The Fly

Chapel Atlanta Airport
PHOTO Atlanta Airport

Atlanta International Airport

This airport has two interfaith chapels:

The first chapel is the Main Terminal,  in the Atrium on the 3rd floor in Suite 3080. The main terminal has a stained glass window to set the spiritual mood outside the facility.

The second chapel you’ll find located in E-Concourse Center Hall.

chapel at washington Dulles Airport
PHOTO via Washington Dulles International Airport

Washington Dulles International Airport

Offers weekly Catholic Mass, Protestant worship and Christian prayer services, as well as daily Jewish and Muslim prayer services. Perfect for pre-flight prayers!

Location:  Concourse A, directly across from Gate A32.

chapel jfk airport
PHOTO via Our Lady of the Skies Chapel at John F. Kennedy International Airport

New York’s Kennedy International Airport

Hosts a Catholic church, a Protestant chapel, a mosque and a synagogue, providing one of the best interfaith airport chapels found in the east coast.

Location: Terminal 4, Departure Level, South-East Corner, 4th floor, Pre-Security

DIA interfaith chapel
PHOTO via DIA Airport

Denver’s Interfaith Chapel and Prayer Hall

Location:  Jeppesen Terminal, Level 6 East. It’s open 24 hours a day for meditation and incorporates an Islamic Prayer Hall as well as an interfaith chapel.

chicago ohare chapel
PHOTO via Pinterest

Chicago’s O’Hare International Chapel

The O’Hare International Chapel sets a high standard for interfaith airport chapels. You’ll find that it houses prayer books, rosaries, rugs, worship materials, and Juma ablution (wudu) facilities. Check the Mezzanine level of Terminal 2 just above the Delta Air Lines ticket counters and next door to the USO. Open 24 hours.

Your stop-over no longer has to be limited to just eating, shopping or sitting around you can keep the faith, or relax and enjoy the silence.

UPDATED June 25, 2019

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