Louie Levey

Louie is a writer, entrepreneur, and digital nomad who is constantly traveling in search of new experiences. He is a firm believer in few things being better than good conversation.

Airport Bars

Airport Bars: The Crackdown On Airport Drinking

There’s something deeply upsetting knitting itself through the furrowed brows of government officials and airport security: a crackdown on airport drinking to minimize airport drunkenness. We already know that we shouldn’t get…

Florida Airport Shooter

Florida Airport Shooter: Who Is To Blame?

When the Florida Airport Shooter opened fire at Fort Lauderdale Airport, I had flown out to JFK Airport only a couple of hours prior. The shooter discharged his weapon shortly after I left. I…

Airport Therapy Pig

Airport Therapy That’ll Make You Squeal

Airport Therapy Pigs Are Here! “Airport therapy? With pigs?” “Maybe when pigs fly.” Well, it’s 2016 and we’ve yet to see a winged pig. But we have seen LiLou! LiLou is an adorable…