12 Ways To Get A Wellness-Infused Experience At Incheon Airport

South Korea’s Incheon International Airport is a busy place. It’s got six floors, 496,000 square meters of floor space and some of the best duty-free shopping on the planet (including the world’s first and only Louis Vuitton airport store). It can be a little overwhelming.

But the airport is also home to some amazing wellness experiences where you can properly unwind, relax and feel rejuvenated on your journey.

Next time you’re outbound from South Korea’s Incheon Airport, arrive a little early to discover some of the airport’s hidden venues and wellness spots that most passengers don’t even know about.

12 ways to get a wellness-infused experience at Incheon Airport

Spa On Air Incheon Airport
PHOTO: Incheon Airport

1. Sleep, shower and get pampered at Spa On Air

Here you’ll find private sleeping rooms, a sauna, showers, meeting rooms, complimentary luggage storage and a snack bar. You can get a full body massage, back and shoulder massage, foot treatments and body scrubs ranging from ₩20,000 to ₩120,000 (around US$18-88). Lounge around the facilities as long as you like, and the spa is open 24 hours.

Location: Terminal 1, East side of Public Area B1 (basement)

Darakhyu capsule hotel Incheon Airport South Korea
PHOTO: Incheon Airport

2. Take a nap at the Darakhyu capsule hotel

This is one of the coziest and most cost-effective places to grab a nap or a night’s sleep at the airport. There are 4 different types of rooms with single beds or double beds, some with shower booths. The smartphone-controlled capsules can adjust settings like lighting and temperature. Fees range from ₩7,700-12,000 (around US$7-10). They vary by room type and number of hours of use.

Locations: Terminal 1, center of Transportation Center, public area B1 (basement) near the entrance to the airport train. Terminal 2, east side of Transportation Center B1 (basement)

shower rooms at Incheon Airport
PHOTO: Incheon Airport

3. Freshen up in the free shower rooms

If you don’t need to rest but would like to freshen up between or after a flight, you can make use of the airport’s showers, available for free to passengers who are transferring. Non-transit travelers can also use the shower rooms for a small fee of ₩3,000 (less than US$3), which includes a shower kit.

Locations: Terminal 1 (2 locations), east side 8 showers, west side 8 showers. Terminal 2 (2 locations), east side 10 showers, west side 10 showers.

Airport Medical Center Incheon Airport
PHOTO: Incheon Airport

4. Get immediate treatment at the Airport Medical Center

No need to worry if you suddenly feel ill or get hurt. Simply visit the Airport Medical Center run by Inha University.

As the only hospital within the airport, travelers can receive a range of treatments, from dental care to internal medicine.

Hours are 8:30am to 5:30pm on weekdays, but the emergency room is open 24 hours all year round. All patients can receive a Meda form, an international treatment record, to submit to a hospital in their home country for treatment upon return.

Locations: Terminal 1, east side of public area B1 (basement). Terminal 2, west side of public area B1 (basement).

Incheon golf club SKY72
PHOTO: Incheon Airport

5. Play some golf at SKY72

SKY72 is the largest golf course in northeast Asia and yes, it’s at Incheon Airport. The course is about 69,300 square meters including the Dream Golf Range, the 54-hole Bada Course, and the 18-hole Haneul Course, totaling 72 holes.

The golf club is technically located inside the airport. But it’s actually a 5-min free shuttle ride away (still considered part of the airport facilities). You can get on the shuttle outside Arrivals at Exit 3 (on the third floor) and get off at the third stop named International Business Complex. The driving range also features a fitness center and sauna.

Location: Free shuttle ride away from Arrivals Exit 3, stop: International Business Complex.

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Prayer Room_Incheon_Airport
PHOTO: Incheon Airport

6. Pray or meditate in the prayer rooms

If you are looking for a prayer room in the Incheon Airport they have several spaces to escape the noise. You can come here to pray or to meditate, or simply to take a quiet moment out of your busy journey to sit and rest peacefully. They’re open 24 hours a day.

Locations: Terminal 1 (2 locations) Transportation Center B1 / Near Gate 24 in Transit Area Level 3. Terminal 2 (3 locations) Center of Transit Area / Level 4, east side of Transportation Center B1 / International Business Center II B1. Concourse (1 location), east of Transit Area Level 4.


7. Admire the extensive greenery

Did you know about these hidden relaxing spaces at Incheon airport?

These horticulture displays give off a tranquil vibe among the hustle of the airport. Each garden has a distinct theme, from pine trees and flowers to cacti and plants. The majority of the gardens are located on the first floor.

Most of the flora is not naturally found in South Korea, so the only place to see them in the country is here in the airport.

Location: Terminal 2, Transportation Center, first floor.

Sky Book Cafe Incheon Airport
PHOTO: Incheon Airport

8. Bury your nose in a book at Sky Book Cafe

Got some time to wait before boarding? Why not read with a cup of coffee at Sky Book Cafe? You can read and purchase books here with shelves full of South Korean best sellers, and some English copies too.

Location: Terminal 1, near Gate 28 on Transit Area Level 4.

Clean Up Air Incheon Airport
PHOTO: Incheon Airport

9. Give your wrinkled clothes a makeover at Clean Up Air

Are your clothes wrinkled from being squashed in your luggage and you only have a couple hours to get to that business meeting or wedding?

Clean Up Air will keep you looking classy for a low price. Dry cleaning services cost ₩3,000 for pants and ₩2,500 for shirts (around US$2.50). And don’t worry if you’re in a rush, just let your friendly attendant know and she will be more than happy to accommodate your time crunch. Hours: Monday-Friday 8am – 8pm, Saturday-Sunday 8am – 6pm.

Locations: Terminal 1, west side of Public Area B1. Terminal 2, east side of Transportation Center B1.

Digital gym Incheon Airport
PHOTO: Incheon Airport

10. Visit the digital gym for a fitness boost

Yes, that’s right, there’s a digital gym that features jumping, stepping and dunking challenges for when you just need a little extra fitness boost.

Location: Terminal 2 in the Transfer Zone.

nap and relax zones at Incheon Airport
PHOTO: Incheon Airport

11. Just take a moment to relax

The airport offers both Nap Zones (with padded lounger/beds) and Relax Zones (with comfy recliner chairs). Both zones are inside security. They are open 24 hours a day and are free to use.

Locations: Terminal 1, Airside, 4th Floor, West Side / East Side. Terminal 2, Airside, 4th Floor, near Gate 268 / 231.

water refill station and drinking fountain at Incheon Airport
PHOTO: Incheon Airport

12. Stay hydrated with water refill stations

There are plenty of places to refill your water bottle at Incheon Airport, and it’s really important to stay hydrated when you travel. Their water purifier machines have both hot and cold dispensers.

Locations: Throughout each building on the east and west sides (Terminals 1, 2, and Concourse)

South Korea should be a must on your list of places to visit, and don’t forget to make a little time for airport wellness when you travel through Incheon Airport!

  1. Sorry, but after calling in, I’ve been told that Non-transit travelers won’t have access to the location of the shower rooms. For arriving passengers the DARAKHYU Hotel at the transportation cneter of Terminal 2, seems to be the only option for a shower. They offer Indivisual shower room (towel + shampoo + body shower) and free luggage keeping during taking the shower: Price 8,000KRW & 1hour service

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