12 of the Top Airport Wellness Experiences Around the World

Our list of the top airport wellness experiences is designed to help you restore your physical and mental energy, relax, and find that all-important zen during your next layover. These are the best ways to experience wellness in airports around the world.

Our list features 12 different ways to experience wellness including an array of activities and services. Airports have many healthy places these days. Check out airport gyms, meditation rooms, and pick up cold-pressed juices that are loaded with veggies for the best healthy vibes.

With a little pre-planning and knowing what to look for, there are plenty of beneficial airport wellness experiences to be had.

12 way to experience wellness at airports

1. Get a massage

There are many places to get a massage at the airport, but most of us don’t think to plan the time to book this service. Airport Spas are on the rise and now is the best time to take a moment for some airport wellness services during your travel day.

2. Practice yoga

Yoga is a great way to find some peace and balance for both mind and body during travel. Lucky for us, many free yoga programs are popping up at airports around the world, like Colorado’s Denver Airport, and Paris’ Charles de Gaulles and Orly airports.

Check out Frankfurt’s airport yoga rooms, DFW Airport’s yoga spaces, or Christchurch Airport’s relaxation area with helpful panels to guide you through a yoga routine.

AirPods at an airport

3. Take a nap

Airports may not seem like the best places to get some rest, but what can you do when you just need that nap while traveling?

Coming soon to an airport near you: AirPods let you find a moment of peace all to yourself when traveling.

You can grab a nap at Charlotte’s Airport; they have 6 new private suites they launched earlier this year and shower facilities too.

A new Sleepbox is opening at Dulles International Airport this summer and is a welcome sanctuary if you’re feeling exhausted.

Mexico City’s airport is one of the latest to jump on this nap-on-the-go trend. Their airport capsule hotel (also known as IzZzleep Hotel Aeropuerto) is a specialty lodging option that provides travelers a unique, convenient and time-flexible spot to rest during travel.

4. Eat healthy food

Yes, more and more healthy airport food options are arriving at many airports around the world. From healthy spots to find some fresh-pressed juice to Kelowna’s Farm to Flight program, healthy food trends are on the rise.

Check out the best places for made-to-order salads at US airports. Then check out the airport food apps that are making finding and ordering healthy food that much easier when we’re on the go.

5. Admire nature

Believe it or not, it is possible to admire nature at the airport. Many airports now have beautiful airport gardens that you can visit:

  • Singapore’s Changi Airport has a sunflower garden and an orchid garden
  • Honolulu Airport has Japanese, Chinese and Hawaiian gardens
  • Seoul’s Incheon Airport has the Star Garden with 150 different species of plants
  • Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport has a rooftop garden and green park
  • Dubai Airport has zen gardens with palm trees flowers and waterfalls
  • Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport has Buddhist shrines, statues, and plants

North American also has some rejuvenating nature spots inside Vancouver Airport, Chicago O’Hare, San Francisco Airport, JFK Airport, and Edmonton International Airport.

6. Pet a dog

Airport therapy dogs are there to help you feel relaxed, stress-free and happy at the airport. If you’ve never met any airport therapy dogs, it’s worth a short snuggle to melt away your stress while traveling!

Here’s where to find these adorable pups:

7. Break a sweat at an airport gym

Rather than getting bored before you board, use the time as an opportunity for fitness. Airport gyms and fitness centers are getting better all the time. Here’s where to find some of the best:

8. Shower away fatigue

Ever wondered where all the airport showers are hiding? Us too. Many people don’t even know that airport showers exist. (Trust us, we’ve done some asking around.) But sometimes after an excruciatingly long flight, it can be a huge relief to wash away the germs of the flight.

However, not all airports have readily available showers for your convenience. But there’s no need to waste your time searching for airport showers any longer!

9. Hydrate with water refill stations

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do for a healthy and happy travel day. The thing is, many of us don’t stay hydrated enough even when we’re not traveling, so we need to make the extra effort.

Thankfully, many airports now have water refill stations at convenient spots so you can refill your water bottle (yes, make sure you pack one) and sip on the go.

10. Take a dip in an airport swimming pool

I love swimming. It’s such a perfect way to unwind from stressful travel. Both a chance to cool off and a chance to relax tight muscles. It’s also an ideal form of exercise for those of us with joint pain and injuries.

11. Go for a walk on an airport walking path

Airports are big places. Why not take advantage of the space on your next trip by going for a walk on an airport walking path? Check out the paths at CVG Airport or any of a number of US airports that now encourage going for a healthy stroll while you wait.

PHOTO: PHL Airport

12. Meditate

Meditation is one of the most effective (and affordable) ways to reduce stress while you travel.

There are many airports that have meditation rooms like BWI Airport. It’s a relatively little-known quiet corner of the airport. You can find this hidden gem in the hallway behind the Delta ticket counter on the side closest to the D/E Security Checkpoint. Access the room by calling BWI Landside Operations at 410-859-7736.

Also, SFO Airport, SanDiego, Arlanda Airport, and Philadelphia Airport have a place to get some quiet space to reflect and restore.

What are some of the best wellness trends you’ve seen at airports recently? Let us know in the comments below!

And don’t forget to tag us #ITravelWell to share your airport wellness finds.

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