Drink Water: 10 Important Reasons to Drink More Water

Your Body Loves When You Drink Water

Are you the type of person that doesn’t drink water? Drinking soda is only going to rot your teeth out and make you fat. If you want to quench your thirst and satiate that body of yours, drink water like a fish! Don’t overdo it, but drink more H2O! Your body will thank you for the refreshing assist.

Americans Don’t Drink Water Often Enough

Most Americans don’t drink water as they should.  A lot of these individuals are mistaking dehydration symptoms for other issues! With this being known, you’ll want to drink water to ensure you’re properly hydrated.

With dehydration, your body is losing more fluid than it’s taking in. This disturbs the body’s balance of sugar and salt, affect how it functions. And with water composing around 60 to 70% of your body, you should keep those levels under control.

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10 Reasons to Drink Water (Even If You Aren’t Thirsty)

1.Water Can Help Control Calories – Cravings for food? Drink water. Yes. Contrary to the popular belief that drinking water makes you less thirsty, it makes you less hungry as well!

Drinking water makes you less cranky
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2.Be less cranky. When you drink water, you can elevate your mood! Have you ever felt dehydrated? It’s a terrible feeling! Headaches and fatigue are common symptoms, but after you drink water, you’ll feel super refreshed!

A recent study about habitual total water intake led by Coleen Muñoz concluded that greater water consumption, the better the mood.

3. Feed your body. Your body craves water. When you drink the stuff, you’re feeding your body. This will also help with your digestion as well!

4.Flush out waste and bacteria. Drinking water allows your body to continuously flush out toxins. Waste and bacteria will have you feeling yucky if you don’t flush it out. Drink plenty of water, and you shouldn’t have an issue! Hence, an adequate amount of water is needed to keep your kidneys working so that they can keep flushing out toxins from your system.

drinking water prevents headaches
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5. Prevent headaches. Dehydration can bring on headaches, but when you drink water, you’ll prevent them! Cool, refreshing water will do the trick to prevent you from feeling terrible. Oh, and by the way… Did you know hangovers are caused by dehydration? New tip: Drink water before bed after a long night of drinking and wake up feeling fabulous!

6. Dehydration makes your skin feel tight and gross. Have you ever just felt disgusting? Those times that it just hurts to move are resolvable by drinking water. Throw some H2O back and feel great as hydration saturates your skin.

7. Make your skin glow. No, you’re not pregnant. And fellow men, just to let you know, that’s not possible (unless you know something I don’t). The fact is that dehydration can dry out your skin. This can cause wrinkles… Who wants that? Am I right? Properly hydrate yourself, and you’ll see how your skin can glow without a baby growing inside of you.

8. Airports have free hydration stations. Yes! You read that right! FREE hydration stations. If you want water, you can get it for free while you’re traveling! No need to pay $6 for bottled water that was imported from who-knows-where.

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9To prevent Joint Pain.  Drinking more water makes it easier for the joints to accept the shock of sudden movements like running, jumping or sudden falls. The percentage of water in our cartilage and spinal discs is about 80 per cent, and water is desperately needed to minimize friction.

10. To Stay Energetic.  Lack of water in your system can make you lethargic as when the body is dehydrated, it pulls in water from your blood, and that leads to a whole host of secondary issues as this leads to general lack of oxygen causing sleepiness and fatigue.

During travel, if aiming for glowing skin, more energy, and better health — just add water.

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