This New Air France Wellbeing Sanctuary Is Just Divine

The new Air France wellbeing area, located in Hall L at Paris Charles de Gaulle, Terminal 2, is an oasis of calm in one of the busiest airports in Europe.

How many times have you just wanted a total relaxation escape when you’re traveling through crowded airports? Paris’ Charles de Gaulle now has exactly what you’re after.

We are always on the lookout for sanity-sparing sanctuaries when our flights get delayed or canceled. Thankfully, for the first time, an Air France business lounge is devoting more than 550 square meters entirely to wellbeing.

Wellbeing in airports is now surging in popularity for a host of reasons. For instance, stress and anxiety are common symptoms of the airport experience, and many of us haven’t been able to find places to decompress or relax in airports in the past.

It is no wonder most of us dread travel days. This kind of stress isn’t just a temporary annoyance either; these issues can affect our long-term mental and physical health.

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PHOTO: Air France

Four features of the new wellbeing area we’re most excited about

1. The space

In a refined setting, everything about the new wellness space has been designed to immerse you in an oasis of relaxation.  The space has an “Instant Relaxation” area where hurried travelers can unwind comfortably on loungers or in mini-suites for optimal rest.

The mini-suites feature individual designer recliners separated by opaque curtains where it’s possible to enjoy a private, restorative nap.

There is a detox bar to relax and rejuvenate, with a selection of fine teas.

PHOTO: Air France

2. The treatments

There’s a special area dedicated to facial therapies with two private cabins. Here travelers can benefit from the expertise of Clarins’ beauticians.

Arturo Diaz, Communications Director at Air France-KLM, told us the “complimentary facials are 20 minutes and focus on moisture and relaxation.” We like the sound of that!

3. The sauna

There are two private saunas to freshen up between flights. We think some pre-flight steam can help boost wellness on the go. Plus, who wouldn’t want to wrap up in a fluffy white towel for a convenient de-stressing session before embarking on a long journey?

In our experience a sauna session can undoubtedly boost your mood, helping to make your onward journey more pleasant, and the warm steam can help relax and stretch your muscles, detoxing both mind and body in the process.

Sweating out the stress of the day removes toxins and impurities from the body, which helps to maintain clear skin, too.

4. The showers

The large luxury showers in the new wellbeing area just seem to make me shout out: “Yes, please!” I can’t count the number of times I’ve thought if only I could just take a quick shower I would feel so much better!

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This new Air France wellbeing area has everything you need to get some tranquility on the fly. The space is refined yet inviting, the small private areas to nap are ideal, and the sauna, showers, and complimentary facials all exude zen.

The lounge is free for Air France business class passengers. Passengers with Flying Blue membership (Air France’s frequent flier program) and those traveling on long-haul flights can access the lounge for €45 (around USD 56) for the day.

Not a Flying Blue member? You can sign up for arrival and pay for access if space allows.

Have you been to the new wellbeing area? We would love to know your thoughts!



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