DFW Airport Yoga Spaces are Perfect for Downward Dog On-The-Go

Listen up, travelers! We have great news. The DFW airport yoga spaces await you for some zen time! They’re conveniently open 24/7 as well. While many airports don’t have a designated place to practice yoga, DFW has two to get your zen on.

The is no entrance fee for either location. This is very nice—especially because we all know that airports can be very overpriced.

Once you pass through security, you can head over to one of the two DFW airport yoga spaces. I made a connecting flight at DFW airport last Christmas, and the overall vibe was pretty nice! An elevated intra-airport train, Skylink, makes constant loops connecting the airports’ five terminals, A through E.

Practicing yoga can improve mental wellness. I find yoga can help reduce stress because it touches on mindfulness and breathing—as well as physical movement.

Furthermore, there are a few other airport yoga rooms in North American airports. After all, it’s a growing trend to help combat travel stress.

What you need to know about the two DFW airport yoga spaces

PHOTO: DFW Airport

DFW airport yoga space 1

The yoga space in Terminal D, near gate D40, opened in Spring 2012. This is an International Terminal with lots of connecting flights. All things considered, travelers can stretch and relax while overlooking the nearby runway views.

Helpful Tip:  Head over to D1 gate, not the B gates. It’s a shorter walk.

Also, in Terminal D you can get a great rooftop view at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. You can lounge at the spa or take a dip in their outdoor heated saline pool.

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PHOTO: DFW Airport

DFW airport yoga space 2
The airport’s second yoga studio opened in Terminal E in June 2015.

PHOTO: DFW Airport

Location: Terminal E, under Skylink, near gate E31

Whether you’re new to the practice or an experienced yogi, a bit of stretching, strengthening, and posing can do your mind and body good. By the same token, keep in mind that both these are not closed rooms but spaces with partitions and not precisely private per se.

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How else do you get some wellness on the fly while waiting in airports? Share your comments with us. Namaste!

Cristina Alcivar

Founder and Editor of Vane Airport Magazine. Passionate about everything well-being, love travel, the ocean, and the sun.

  1. Some of the best ways to boost wellness while flying is to eat better. I’ve been loving how many concessions in DFW Airport are increasing their vegan and vegetarian offerings.
    Some examples:
    – Qdoba A16. Vegetarian burrito (has Impossible meat, guac, black beans, fajita veggies).
    – Banh Shop C22 and D10. Tofu is one of the protein options for their stir fries and noodles. I’ve done the Drunken Noodles and the Pad Thai with tofu and it’s great.
    – Freshëns C35. It may seem obvious but a lot of people forget about smoothies. A banana smoothie might be a great boost, plus berries in that smoothie may give an immune system boost for people concerned about getting sick while traveling.
    – TGI Friday’s A13, B10, C8, C29, E17. Hamburgers made with Beyond Meat.
    – Bar Louie D22. Impossible Burgers!
    – Flying Saucer D20. The “Hippie Burger” on their menu is an Impossible Burger. I love it and it’s not expensive.
    – Twisted Root A25. The “Vegabond Burger.”
    – Ufood Grill B40. Veggie burgers, plus many healthier items for carnivores in your party. Pitas.
    – Shake Shack C6. The “Shroom Burger.”
    – Drew Pearson’s Sports 88 E7. A classic Black Bean Burger.
    – Brewed D25. The “Portobello Meatless Burger.” It comes with cheese but you can have them leave that off.
    – Smashburger B12. The “Avocado Swiss Black Bean Burger.”

    And DFW has a few other places that are offering healthy options for omnivores. Sandwiches, salads, and soups are abundant. There aren’t many places left that only offer junk food.

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