Heading to Billy Bishop for an Early Flight? Here are 5 Things to do at 6am

Billy Bishop Airport, although small, has plenty of things to do at 6 am—or any time of the day for that matter. All things considered, traveling through a small airport has its benefits. For example, no getting lost, no insanely long lines and best of all, uncrowded areas for keeping yourself entertained. In other words, we love small airports!

On a recent trip to Billy Bishop Airport on our way to New York City, we found a whole list of things to do at 6 am! From getting your daily dose of caffeine to stretching out in a downward dog. Consequently, you’ll never dread an early morning flight again.

Here are 5 Things to do at 6 am at Billy Bishop Airport

5 things at 6am. Billy Bishop Airport

1. Grab a coffee at Aroma Espresso Bar.

Aroma Espresso Bar at Billy Bishop is located as soon as you enter the front doors of the airport. (Before going through the pedestrian tunnel,) It can be a tough spot to find if you don’t know it’s there! However, once you find it you’ll be thankful you did.

Aroma offers similar selections to their cafes around the world—but airport style. Accordingly, the food has been adjusted to meet their customer’s travel needs. For example, what packs easily into a carry-on, what’s not going to fall apart, what will stay fresh for the flight.

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5 things at 6am. Billy Bishop Airport

2. Meditate and practice your yoga poses.

There are a few wide-open spaces in the airport with enough room for you to sit down and meditate or stretch out into a downward-facing dog. The best meditation/yoga spots that we found were on the ground level just past the history of aviation displays, pre-security. Strangely enough, we were the only ones doing yoga! Even so, it’s always good to work out pre-flight.

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5 things at 6am. Billy Bishop Airport

3. Browse the Billy Bishop aviation displays.

For those aviation lovers out there, this is a great way to spend an hour or so at 6 am. They have displays set up on the ground floor of the airport where you can see historic outfits from the First World War, photos of vintage planes and more. Similarly, they also have great views of the Toronto Islands to take in, too.

5 things at 6am. Billy Bishop Airport

4. Keep up-to-date with the electronic world with free wifi.

There’s nothing worse (in terms of airport boredom) than no wifi. Have you ever arrived at an airport to find out that you have to buy wifi or only get 30 minutes of free usage for your 5-hour layover? The wifi is free at Billy Bishop Airport and they have two rows of workstations post-security if you want to set up your laptop.

5 things at 6am. Billy Bishop Airport

5. Get prepared before you go through security.

Billy Bishop Airport has a fantastic pre-security area for you to dump all your over-sized liquids and gels and get your smaller liquids ready for the flight. Additionally, they have a spot to throw away garbage and recycling so you don’t have to take any unnecessary items through!

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UPDATED: October 31st, 2017

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