Travel Meditation Tips To Help Restore Inner Balance

Travel meditations tips can come in handy to help restore inner balance on your travel day. There is more than pre-flight stress going on; every phase of your journey can encounter a whole set of anxiety-provoking situations. Our bodies will usually manifest that off” feeling and derail our inner balance.

Whether you are a regular yogi, or just discovering the benefits of yoga and meditation, there is much to be said for the effects that travel has on the chakra system.  For those in the dark, the chakra system is made up of seven energy centers located at different points along the spine.

But where along the spine?

restore balance with 3 easy meditations
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1st located at the base of your spine; 2nd at the pelvic area; 3rd behind your navel; 4th at heart center; 5th at your throat; 6th at your third eye (the space between your eyebrows) and 7th at the crown of your head.

While the three lower chakras (1, 2 & 3) ground us in the physical world, the three upper chakras (5, 6 & 7) deal in spiritual awareness.

To restore balance, those six need to be in alignment so that we can live from our heart center, aka the fourth Chakra.

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Restore balance with these three travel meditation tips

1st Chakra Located at the base of the spine, this energy center represents your foundation.

5-Minute Meditation: Lay in savasana, or corpse pose, and imagine a warm red glow at your base. Repeat out loud (or mentally) the mantra LUM.

2nd Chakra Located at the pelvis, this energetic center has everything to do with your movement and emotions. When we aren’t “going with the flow,” this Chakra is blocked.

5-Minute Travel Meditation Tip: Stand with your feet hip-distance apart and reach your arms to the sky on a deep inhale. On the exhale, fold forward and either let your arms hang or grab opposite elbows. Shake your head yes and no a few times to release any tension in the neck. Focus on the pelvis area and imagine a comforting orange light radiating out to your hips. Repeat the mantra VUM.

3rd Chakra Located at the navel, this is your power center. When we feel disempowered, or our energy is low, this Chakra needs some attention.

10-Minute Travel Meditation Tip: Restore energy by getting down in a spinal twist. Start by laying flat on your back, then bringing both knees to your chest. After hugging them, you can stretch your arms out in a ‘T’ or cactus position before gently taking both legs over to the left  (keeping legs bent and placed a blanket, or your neck pillow, between knees).

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Visualize a brilliant yellow light radiating from your navel and repeat the mantra VUM. After five minutes on the left, gently bring your legs over to the right side for another five minutes.

During travel, I recommend concentrating on chakras one, two, and three to restore body and mind quickly. Once you have landed in your destination, keep working on those first three chakras for at least another day.

If your airport does not have a designated quiet room, then search for the next best thing – a quiet corner where you can OM your way back to inner balance

UPDATED April 25, 2018


Sara Graham

Sara Graham is an entrepreneur, travel writer, and yogini who specializes in teaching restorative yoga. She is editor at and a Huffington Post blogger.


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