George Bush International Airport: Less Stress and More Healthy

This year, Houston’s George Bush International Airport is making our travel experience less stressful and more healthy! As a matter of fact, that’s precisely the combo we love.

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In June of this year, Houston Airports debuted the world’s First Airport Wayfinding Technology. What does that mean? This technology is described as “turn-by-turn wayfinding that doesn’t require downloading a separate app to smart devices.”

But how does it make George Bush International Airport less stressful? For starters, It will be harder to get lost and easier to find what you are looking for.

Besides this high new tech, this airport is the best airport for vegetarian and vegan food options. Yes, believe it or not—this meat-eating state got that ranking! Eating healthy can be tricky on-the-fly, but you don’t have to surrender to bad food at George Bush International Airport any longer.

The airport got the top rank via the 2017 Airport Dining Scorecard—a study that involved 75,000 customer reviews and looking through the airport’s menus. The results selected the top 20 airports in the U.S. to identify the best airport dining experiences across the nation.

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Three vegetarian and vegan options worth exploring at George Bush International Airport:

George Bush International Airport | Vane Airport Magazine
PHOTO: Freshii

Freshii: Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

Location: Food Court, Terminal B

George Bush International Airport | Vane Airport Magazine
PHOTO: Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza: Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

Location: Near Gate A7

George Bush International Airport
Photo: Pick Up Stix

Pick Up Stix: Gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options.

Location: Near Gate C12

Once you know which terminal you’re flying out of, do some research. All eateries and their locations within the airport are listed online. There are much more yummy vegan and vegetarian options that you can check out here. 

Speaking of wellness at airports, this airport also offers an array of things to make your travel experience happier. For example, you can explore one of the most extensive collections of public art in the state of Texas. As well as that, you can enjoy daily live music performances featuring a diverse repertoire of classical, contemporary classical, smooth jazz and international music. In addition to food, art, and music, you can sit on one of the many massage chairs around the airport to refresh or escape the noise (and a bad travel partner) at one of the two airport chapels.

We are happy to know that Houston’s Mayor announced at the end of August the return of limited domestic airline service to the city’s major airports following Hurricane Harvey! Safe travels, everyone.


Cristina Alcivar

Founder and Editor of Vane Airport Magazine. Passionate about everything well-being, love travel, the ocean, and the sun.

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