5 Travel Carry-on Finds We’re Loving Right Now

Travelling can be a messy, exhausting business. What to bring and what to leave out of your travel carry-on is a continual stressor. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for things that can make my journey more comfortable, new ways to stay healthy on the go, and little indulgences to add a bit of pampering to long flights.

Here are five stellar travel carry-on sized finds to pick up for your next trip, or give as travel gifts to the frequent flyers in your life.

1. Skin Care Starter Kit from Cocoon Apothecary

Cocoon Apothecary skincare starter kit
Cocoon Apothecary Skin Care Starter Kit. Nicola Brown

Cost: $30

Products containing rose water and oil have always been kind to my skin. Cocoon Apothecary’s rose-infused mini three-piece skincare set (cleanser, toner and cream) leaves my face feeling its happiest.

The toner has one of the best spray nozzles I’ve ever used. Which means I can finally apply the stuff in a controlled manner without spraying the person in the seat behind me!

The scent is authentic to the point of feeling like you’re walking through a rose garden but light enough not to overpower your neighbour’s nostrils.

At 20ml each, the whole kit comes in well under your 100ml-per-bottle liquid allowance, so you don’t have to forego any of your other favourites en route.

2. Oversized Turkish Towel from House of Jude

House of Jude Turkish towel
House of Jude Turkish towel Nicola Brown

Cost: $45

Despite being oversized (180cm x 100cm), this Turkish towel is insanely packable. Rolled up it’s about the same size as a Nalgene water bottle.

It’s also super versatile, which is a feature I love in travel products. Use it as a towel, a blanket, a beach wrap. Or, if you’re like me and find hard surfaces, both ubiquitous and excruciatingly uncomfortable, a cushion!

All House of Jude’s Turkish towels are made of 100% cotton and hand-loomed in Turkey.

It’s the best kind of towel for summer when you want something light and airy (not thick and heavy) after a shower or an ocean swim. It also repels sand and grass which, as everyone knows, makes it a wizard among towels.

Special offer: Use promo code HOJ15 to get 15% off.

3. Daily probiotic from Seed

Seed Daily Synbiotic
Seed Daily Synbiotic Nicola Brown

Cost: $50

Seed is the creator of a pretty unique probiotic supplement to keep your gut healthy wherever you go. Their Daily Synbiotic contains a 30-day supply of capsules and comes with a free travel vial you can easily slip into your carry-on.

This portable probiotic claims to be useful for boosting a range of health markers, from gastrointestinal and immune function to energy production (not evaluated by the FDA). Many of these are related to common concerns that can arise from all those things that negatively affect our health when we travel. For example, poor food options, lack of exercise, jet lag and stress.

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The creators of Seed believe we’re all part of a microbiome or our little ecosystem of organisms that need to be cared for. There’s plenty of science to back up the connection between gut bacteria and everything from cardiovascular to mental health.

It’s too early for me to tell what the impacts of this supplement will be, but I’ll be packing the handy travel vial on my next trip to Europe.

Oh, and their website is cool.

4. Face masks, organic eye cream and natural sunscreen from Consonant Skincare

Consonant Skincare travel carry-on face masks, eye cream, sunscreen
Consonant Skincare face masks, eye cream, sunscreen Nicola Brown

Cost: DHE mask $45, HydrExtreme charcoal sheet mask $12, Ultra Firming Organic Eye Cream $36, The Perfect Sunscreen $45

I’ve developed a bit of a thing for face masks recently. I use them any time I need to unwind, de-stress, and feel a little fabulous. Don’t we all need that from time to time?

Consonant Skincare has two great options for travel: a 75ml clay-based mask, and a charcoal sheet mask.

DHE Mask & HydrExtreme Charcoal Sheet Mask

The clay-based one is the DHE Mask. It’s a light grey colour and goes on wonderfully smooth with a refreshing minty coolness. It takes about 30 minutes to work its magic. The clay is sourced from a 215 million-year-old asteroid crash in Quebec, Canada. Which makes me feel pretty cosmic.

The charcoal-based one is the HydrExtreme Charcoal Sheet Mask. This one is particularly easy for an in-flight pampering session. At just $12, this is one of those super easy travel gifts for any jet setting friends and family.

Ultra Firming Organic Eye Cream

I tend to be a little dubious when it comes to eye creams. I am one of those lucky people with dark circles and puffy lids no matter how much sleep I get.

Consonant Skincare’s Ultra Firming Organic Eye Cream works some magic here. Its thick white consistency contains zinc oxide which acts as a light reflector, making dark circles appear lighter. You can apply it above and below your eyes, on your eyelids, and right up to your lash line.

The Perfect Sunscreen

One thing that’s easy to forget to pack in your travel carry-on or forget to apply mid-flight is sunscreen. Whether or not you’re sitting close to a window, sunscreen is essential. Many people forget to use it before disembarking in destinations where the UVA and UVB rays are much stronger.

Consonant Skincare’s The Perfect Sunscreen deserves its name. Despite being a natural sunscreen, it goes on pretty smoothly without clumping. It also has a nice neutral mica tint which acts as a foundation. This is perfect for the days I choose to go makeup-free as I can still get smooth, even-toned skin with this sunscreen.

5. Anti-aging serum from Urban Juve

Anti-aging serum from Urban Juve
Anti-aging serum from Urban Juve Nicola Brown

Cost: $85

I’ve become unexpectedly obsessed with this product over the past few weeks. Urban Juve is a Canadian company that makes beauty products from hemp root oil.

Their anti-aging serum is like a hybrid of a cream and oil. They claim it’s the first serum in Canada to contain hemp root oil.

It goes on incredibly smooth and soaks in almost instantly, leaving an even-toned matte finish on your skin. It gets a mega-dose of hydration without looking oily. I’m not sure how it does that, but it’s pretty incredible.

After using it for a few weeks right after coming out of the shower, my skin looks and feels much smoother, tighter and brighter than it has with many other serums I’ve tried. Plus the black bottle is sleek and minimal, which looks great no matter what kind of bathroom you may find yourself in.

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