New York LaGuardia Terminal B Wellness Guide: No Need to Be Bored Before You Board

New York’s LaGuardia Airport Terminal B serves nearly 15 million passengers a year and is home to four airlines. The airport is building a new state-of-the-art 1.3 million-square-foot terminal while maintaining full operations through the current facilities.

While getting in and out of LaGuardia can be chaotic at times, the airport’s Terminal B wellness offerings make it well worth the trip.

I have explored LaGuardia’s Terminal B numerous times, so I’ve had an opportunity to discover the best this terminal has to offer when it comes to wellness. Here’s our LaGuardia Terminal B wellness guide.

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Here are all the great wellness finds I discovered during my latest trip through New York LaGuardia Terminal B:


The airport wellness, friendly layout, and design are inviting and modern. LaGuardia’s Terminal B has soaring 55-foot ceilings and new floor-to-ceiling windows, making it bright and airy.

Fig trees bring the outdoors in, and porcelain-tiled floors help make you feel a little more comfortable in this significant travel hub.

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You might be wondering why I’d mention bathrooms in a LaGuardia Terminal B wellness guide. We all know that using an airport bathroom is often an encounter with all things gross and awkward.

But in LaGuardia Terminal B, my airport bathroom experience was much more pleasant, and almost inviting too! The impeccable cleanliness, which is monitored by traveler feedback technology, was a welcome change.

Unlike many, this bathroom is very spacious and quite attractively designed. So you can avoid those long snaking lines of people waiting for just a handful of dingy stalls. There are even orchids to admire to take your mind off things.

Beauty and spa

In case you need a last-minute mani or a quick massage, you can head over to Spa Here. They have designated Privacy Cocoons™ that eliminate the outside world and helps reduce stress and fatigue.

The spa does not provide hair services at this location.

For makeup head to MAC Cosmetics. This year they launched “Destination Fabulous,” the brand’s first exclusive travel retail campaign that offers some popular travel-exclusive makeup sets.

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PHOTO: Vane Airport Media

Airport therapy dogs

If you’re an anxious flyer and love dogs, the Terminal B Comfort Crew will help you feel more relaxed and happy. I meet airport therapy dog Kiowa! The dogs are a welcome break from the busy airport atmosphere, and can instantly change your mood. Kiowa hangs out in Terminal B every Friday to give people a chance to connect with some pawsitive vibes.

PHOTO: LaGuardia Terminal B

Paint away travel stress

LaGuardia Terminal B has a great program called Fun Friday, “Paint in the Park.” If you are flying through Gates 40-59 on a Friday (the program is only offered on select Fridays, not every Friday). Why not feed your creative side with some painting?


Currently, Terminal B at LaGuardia is undergoing some serious renovations. The massive redevelopment project has been awarded the first-ever platinum award for its industry-leading approach to sustainability and resilience.

Savor local New York eateries

These are some of my fave spots for a bite at the new terminal that are worth checking out if you’ve got a New York minute to sit down and enjoy!

La Chula taqueria from Julian Medina the place you’ll want to go for an authentic Mexican. Six Blocks Café is a bakery and cafe with Balthazar pastries, soups, and salads. Shake Shack is a must-try for burger addicts (yes, there was a line up at the airport when I was there!).

Osteria Fusco, from Italian chef and Chopped judge Scott Conant, is a restaurant serving pasta and a variety of Italian dishes. Bravo!

Haven’t got time for a sit-down? You can order food with the At Your Gate app and have it delivered to you anywhere inside the terminal. Now that’s convenient!

How we rate LaGuardia Terminal B

In terms of airport rehabs, LaGuardia’s Terminal B gets an A because of all the wellness amenities and activities. It is a terminal in which I don’t get bored before I board. One where I can relax and beautify on the go too.

Let’s share the airport wellness

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If you happen to encounter some healthy airport food or have a great airport spa experience, we’d love to know about it! Snap a photo, tag #ITravelWell, and @vaneairportmag, and let’s boost our collective travel wellness together.

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