Mexico City’s Airport Capsule Hotel For Delays and Long Layovers

Whether you’ve missed your flight, it’s been delayed, or you’ve got a painfully long layover if you just need a total break from it all while traveling, why not take a nap or lay down for the night in an airport capsule hotel?

Mexico City’s airport is one of the latest to jump on this nap-on-the-go trend. Their airport capsule hotel (also known as IzZzleep Hotel Aeropuerto) is a specialty lodging option that provides guests a unique, convenient and time-flexible spot to rest during their travels.

The hotel opened last May and is accessible through Terminal 1. It’s located pre-security, next to the Marriott hotel, and near the fast food court over the arrivals gate.

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IzZzleep offers a variety of services and flexible hours of availability. Visitors have access to shower rooms, nap capsules, and overnight capsules. The capsules are always open, but if you want to guarantee a spot for overnight stays, reserve one via the online booking tool or by calling the hotel directly. If you’re not sure whether you’ll need it, walk-ins are still welcome!

Don’t these capsules look like something from a sci-fi movie? What a cool place for a nap!

Here’s how you can make the most of Mexico City’s airport capsule hotel

PHOTO: IzZzleep

“Siesta” service

Siesta means nap in Spanish.  If you are looking for a little siesta, guests are welcome to walk in and book directly with the hotel counter.

The hour-by-hour “Siesta” service costs MXN 166 per hour (with a minimum of two hours) which is, depending on exchange rates, around USD 8-10.

“Noche” service

After 6:00 pm the airport capsule hotel only offers the whole night booking (called “Noche” service; Noche means night in Spanish). You can check in as early as 6:00 pm and check out as late as 10:00 am the next day.

If you are planning to take the “Noche” service, they recommend making a reservation through their website or one of many hotel reservation sites like Booking or Expedia, among others.

The cost of the “Noche” service is MXN 770 which, depending on the exchange rate, is around USD 45.

Airport Capsule Hotel Mexico
PHOTO: IzZzleep

“Ducha” service

Ducha in Spanish translates to shower. If you’re in need of a little refresh, you can walk in and book 24/7. Just like the “Siesta” service, the “Ducha” service doesn’t require a reservation.

It costs $155 MXN (around $8-10 USD). The service comes with a locker, towel, shampoo and soap dispensers.

The capsules are restricted to one person only. Each capsule includes a 32” high definition TV, a mirror, adjustable lights, safe box, fire extinguisher, ear plugs, air conditioning, two USB charging ports, and an emergency button.

PHOTO: IzZzleep

This seems like a great place not just to recharge your phone but to recharge your body’s batteries too.

All three options include access to individual restrooms and showers, free WiFi (so necessary!) and other amenities like a personal locker. The locker has all the essentials like a towel, water bottle, and for those using the “Siesta” or “Noche” services, you’ll have access to a pair of cozy socks.
Socks should be worn instead of your shoes inside the hotel and the capsule. Of course, each capsule also has a blanket. We’re feeling like a nap already!
The locker is big enough to store a piece of carry-on luggage. But if you’ve got a larger suitcase or more than one, you can leave it safely at the front hotel counter where there is someone stationed 24/7.
In May of this year, a second IzZzleep location will be opening in Terminal 2.
We think this airport capsule hotel is a quick and convenient solution that tackles the issue of rest while traveling. Quite simply, travelers with long overnight layovers need a place to rest and shower.
We can’t wait to see where else these futuristic pods might be popping up at airports around the world in the future!
What do you think about the hotel capsule trend at airports around the world? Have you stayed in any? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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