Airport Food Review: VIT at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport

On a recent trip to visit my family in the Netherlands over Christmas, I came through Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. It is surprisingly not that busy around the holidays. This made it feel quite calm and relaxed, which is precisely the kind of vibe I love when I travel.

The airport is also starting to properly embrace the idea that we need something healthy for body and mind to counteract the stresses of airport life and air travel.

Disclosure: Food was provided without charge to the writer. All thoughts, opinions, and words are those of the writer and were not influenced or reviewed by the company providing food.

New healthy food spots like VIT are opening up and attracting travelers who might otherwise gravitate towards unhealthy food when it’s the only option available.

VIT offers a genuine healthy food experience at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

VIT Amsterdam Schiphol
HMSHost International

What is VIT?

VIT is one of the newest healthy airport food concepts from global restaurateur HMSHost International. It’s one of the brand’s custom-designed food spots. They do fresh-pressed juices and small bites.

Schiphol is lucky enough to have the first location of VIT anywhere in the world, and the brand is slated to expand globally in 2019 and beyond.

The atmosphere at VIT

The design of VIT looks like the frame of a greenhouse. Yellow neon signage makes it easy to spot as you’re coming through Lounge 3 at Schiphol. It’s tucked away into a quiet corner, which adds an element of relaxation for those looking to escape the madness and the noise of a busy airport.

Comfortable and casual bench and bar seating in yellow and green tones evoke a park-like picnic setting. Lush greenery in the form of lemon trees accents the seating area, growing up through the center of the tables to transport you to a more nature-inspired aesthetic.

VIT’s healthy menu

VIT does healthy fresh-pressed juices and small bites. The list is short, which is refreshingly lovely, as it doesn’t take forever to figure out what to order!


There are two juices to choose from: Smoothie VIT Green and Smoothie VIT Summer. The green juice is made with spinach, lemon, banana, and yogurt, and the summer juice is made with strawberry, banana, and orange. VIT makes its juices fresh every morning, and they come in a handy screw-cap takeout bottle.

VIT healthy food Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
VIT green smoothie, spinach & green peas breakfast bowl, and salmon & avocado breakfast bowls. Vane Airport Media - Nicola Brown

Breakfast bowls

Egg breakfast bowls are available until 11 am. You can get two poached eggs with three different bowls: Salmon & Avocado, Ham & Baked beans, or Spinach, sour cream, and green peas.

We tried the Salmon & Avocado bowl as well as the Spinach, sour cream, and green peas. These bowls are the real deal when it comes to healthy food. They simply contain the ingredients listed and no sugary sauces or unexpected toppings or seasoning. Just fresh, healthy creations that let the quality of the ingredients shine. Portions are quite small, so you may want to order 2 if you’re feeling hungry.

Salad bowls

VIT offers salad bowls from 11 am onwards. The bowls are build-your-own style salads. First, choose a base: mixed lettuce or quinoa. Then select your set of toppings: Feta (with spinach, green peas, seeds, and green pesto dressing), Roasted Chicken (with baby corn, lemon and olive dressing), Tuna flakes (with steamed broccoli and soy ginger dressing) or Smoked salmon (with egg, avocado and yogurt dressing).

Yogurt bowls

Yogurt bowls also follow the build-your-own model. Start with organic, coconut, or soy yogurt. Pick your flavors: granola-chocolate, granola-cinnamon, or muesli. Then add a range of toppings: banana, blueberry, seasonal fruits, cranberries, chocolate flakes, goji berries, and seeds.

VIT Rude Health chips Amsterdam Schiphol
Rude Health chips. Vane Airport Editors - Nicola Brown

We also tucked into a couple of packets of Rude Health chips, made with chickpeas, lentils, and black beans. These are a great alternative to regular chips if you’re craving a bit of crunch!


VIT is located in Lounge 3 at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, tucked into a quiet corner directly across from XpresSpa. This makes it super easy to grab a healthy bite and get a neck and shoulder massage at the same time!

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Nicola Brown

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